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Fishing has been a great medium for fun, frolic and excitement since the inception of human race on this earth, and no matter you fall for it because it is your hobby or try your hands in it occasionally, the excitement for Fishing never falls short. What boosts the ebullience of this age-old pastime is the addition of new technology and tools. Thus, the angler’s bag has got some new addition in the form of mobile applications, which assists them with everything from fishing guides and logos, to solar lunar timetables, knot guides, social networking tools and what not. Angler, who are in search of a few helpful on-the-go tools, check out the following Android fishing apps that assist with essential information, tricks and tips. 


Fishbrain is one of the most popular social networking apps for those who love fishing and the number crosses 1.5 million users. A crowd sourced database of more than 1.7 million fishing locations awaits you as soon as you sign in. By providing 750, 000 recorded catches; this app eases up your job of finding out locations for fishing, what bait is best useful at these locations, etc. Fishbrain also allows you to share what your experience has been throughout fishing. Moreover, you can also use it as a personal catch log to record your fishing progress.

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Pro Angler

This app is designed as one-stop for those who are passionate for fishing. Pro Angler informs you on more than 100 species of fish, guides close to your location will give you pro-tips, weekly updates on what’s biting, locations of more than 1,000 bait and tackle shops, etc. On how to cook your catch, Pro Angler provides you recipes from top chefs.

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Fish Rules

This serves as a handy tool for saltwater fisherman as it lists the distinct fishing rules and regulation for a wide range of species and federal waters of different parts of America. Your GPS and calendar are used by this app to point out pertinent regulations, or users can put their coordinates manually to know what they require. After this, users get the ability to tell which fish is available in which season, how many they can store, what is their size, etc. This app lets users log their catch, view illustrated guides to regulated species, and instantly share the clicks of their catch.

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FirstMate is one of the favorite tools of the die-hard saltwater anglers who love to have all the relevant information about fishing. Moreover, you will get tide charts, weather forecast, barometric pressure, color weather radar and feeding times for the locations you want to go for fishing. This app also allows you to access information for a location well in advance of your tour. Now, tracking of your catches has become extremely easy.

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The leader in marine charts, Navionics gives access to its users to their extensive library of charts and bathymetric maps. This app also offers a number of distinct app alternatives, including a subscription called Navionics +. Once you get access to this, you unlock amazing facilities like Sonar Chart-lets users upload sonar logs to create a more correct or custom chart.

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A revolutionary app, The Deeper Fish Finder creates a comprehensive underwater map to your mobile device or tablet via Bluetooth. Having a very small size, the Deeper comes with all the features of standard fish finders, but can be dispel from shore or ascended to a boat.

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Orvis Fly Fishing

Orvis Fly Fishing app features a great deal of useful information for fly fishers. This app lets you view instructional videos on a wide range of casting techniques and common errors, a fly-fishing podcasts and fishing reports for over 200 fly fishing destinations in America and UK. Once you register with the app, you are eligible for $10 gift certificate for purchasing Orvis’ line of fishing and outdoors apparel and gear.

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Fishing Knot

Binding knots is one of the essential parts that your must learn before you go for fishing. A personal pocket helper, FishingKnots describes how to bind the key fishing knots. If you get no clue how to attach flies, sviwels, hooks and other baits, install this app in your phone. It really does not matter what type of fishing one is doing, this app guides you with its tutorials about the major and essential knots. FishingKnots is compatible with both tablet and smartphone.

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Trimble GPS Fish Free

This is one of the useful tools, which takes care of every aspect of the fishing activity. Its pro version, available at $ 4.99, permits you to save offline map bundles on your phone for viewing maps off-the-grid. It uses GPS to highlight locations of docs, boat drifts, hotspots, trolling, paths, etc. Using Trimble, you can also share photos of your catch with friends, view top, street and street maps. This app also tracks weather, sun and moon phases, compass direction, mileage and other key stats.

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