Top 10 Automotive iPhone Apps


Fast & Furious 5 iPhone AppiPhones have become one of the most important gadgets used by the people from all over the world these days. The most important reason for which the people from the world are looking at these phones is for the different benefits that these phones have over the mobile phones. There are many apps that help to make these iPhones the best phones in the world, but among them, let us see the top ten best apps now.

1 Gas buddy

As the name itself indicates, this app is used for making a plan of the gas that you use in your home daily. We use LPG or CNG for cooking. They are preferred over kerosene because they are highly efficient over kerosene stoves and they are environmental friendly. This app helps to plan your gas consumption.

2 Fast and furious 5

This is game software. Games are the most important features of any iPhone or smart phone these days. Hence this app helps you to play this game easily and get rid of your boredom with it. This is a kind of driving game where you drive a car that is provided to you. Break, gear and other controls are given to you for this purpose.

3 Repair Pal

This app is another important one which helps in repairing any gadget or instrument that gets some problem with it. It provides you guidelines about how to repair them. If you understand the tips given in this app perfectly, you will repair them easily.

4 Dynolicious

This app helps us to improve the performance of vehicle and measure its acceleration. Name of this app seems strange to everyone and it is difficult to guess what its function could be just by looking at its name. but there is no doubt that it is the best software of its kind.

5 Drivescribe

This is a tutor and it helps you to learn the rules that you have to follow on road. Traffic rules are the most important rules that you have to follow in your life, because they are the questions of your life and death. So always use this app for learning about how to obey the traffic rules and stay safe.

6 Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart 3D

This app helps to develop your mental ability. It is a game that one can play for free. You can either play it online or download and install it in your phone. In this game, you have to kill bandicoots. The person who kills the most bandicoots will win the game.

7 iLeaseMy Car Pro

This is one of the greatest apps for car shoppers. If you want to purchase a car in installment, you have to decide about the monthly installment that you have to pay and whether that installment is within your capacity. This app helps you to calculate all those things immediately.

8 iWrecked

Auto Accident Assistant: This app helps you at the time of accidents. Accidents are the unwelcome visitors that affect you many times and if you are a novice to the motor world, you will feel afraid and will not know what to do when an accident occurs. So it is a life saver app for everyone.

9 Slotz Racer

This app helps you to play car race game. There are two different types of games, one is of a 2 lane car race and another one is of 4 lane game. You can play the one which you like the most.

10 FYI mileage

This app helps you to calculate the mileage of your vehicle. Mileage is the most important aspect of any vehicle that you have to take care, because the cost of petrol and diesel are on the increase these days. So always use this app to calculate the mileage of your vehicle and hence its usability.

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