HP Touchpad Tab For Lawyers: A Worthy Gadget for Legal Purposes

HP Touchpad Tab

The advancements in technologies had also enabled the lawyers for using iPads in the courts for furnishing evidences and various other uses or for attending meetings. You can find a number of tablets and iPads for lawyers, made by different producers, to be used in various legal affairs in different price range at the online vending websites. Some of these highly priced gadgets might not be liked by people due to their features as compared to their price but the HP TouchPad Tab for Lawyers is one of the touch screen iPads which are worth considering for the lawyers. HP had announced last week that a tablet with touch pad is going to be launched in the market within next 50 days. This gadget is supposed to get overwhelming response from the users as its price had slashed down from $499 to $99. It had attained the status of hottest selling gadget at Amazon due to its various features.

Effectiveness of HP TouchPad Tab for Lawyers

HP Touchpad TabHP TouchPad Tab for Lawyers runs on the webOS operating system whereas usually ipads run on iOS. It implies that you cannot overestimate ipad apps on the TouchPad tablet introduced by HP for lawyers. Only 300 apps are available on the app stores which can be run on this TouchPad tab as compared to numerous apps available for ipads, it can be one of the main drawbacks of this tab. iAnnotate, FastCase and TrialPad are some of the ipad apps that can be used by the lawyers but are not available for the TouchPad tab launched by HP. But it has so many other productive advantages like accessing email, calendar and browsing the Internet, which make it preferably liked by the lawyers. The way this tab uses Flash and makes browsing easy is appreciated by the users through their reviews. They have appreciated the system of merging the dates from any platform using its calendar system as well as easy setting of email accounts by this tab.

Use of Cloud storage apps available on the HP TouchPad

The use of Dropbox or apps, available on HP app stores, provides the users a free storage capacity of 50 GB as additional Cloud storage service with this HP tab for lawyers.

Use of Evernote TouchPad App:

Evernote permits the users to clip emails and web pages alongwith making notes as a handy productivity tool provided with HP TouchPad Tab for Lawyers.

Use of QuickOffice TouchPad App

Quickoffice TouchPad app allows the users to view PDF files, Word documents, Powerpoint presentations as well as Excel spreadsheets easily. Though one can not edit these documents but he can use Google Docs for at least Word and Excel documents by browsing through his tab.

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