3 Best Online RPG Games in 2019 for Android & iOS

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Immerse Yourself in Dangerous Online Dungeons with the Best Online RPG Games in 2019 for Android & iOS

Ever since World of Warcraft, MMORPGs have been a gigantically popular gaming genre where players can explore, develop their characters & most of all, meet new people and even make long-term friendships. Almost 20 years later the world of RPGs has evolved to the point where we have more games than we can count. They slowly transitioned to mobile phones and made it easier for people to play without having to be chained to their computer.

But this explosion created one slight problem for gamers. With so many new games, how can you know which one is worth your time? To help fellow gamers out, we decided to dig deep into the space of RPGs and find what we think are currently the most deserving role-playing games.

In our search, we discovered a neet top 10 lists of dungeon-specific RPGs that was quite helpful to our research and we’d like to share. Find out here top 10 dungeon RPGs.

But before you check the list out, you will want to check out top 3 picks as we’re sure at least one of them will tickle your fancy.

1. Eternium – Old-School RPG Made With Love

Eternium iOS AppFor veteran RPG players, the moment you start playing this one, you are likely to get hit with nostalgia as you remember first Elder’s Scroll games and even first Diablo. The nostalgic graphics are mixed with smooth gameplay and the classic RPG gameplay system. For anyone who doesn’t care how flashy your magic is, but how good the gameplay is, this one will certainly be for you. The game is made by a small studio that seems to be all about the golden age of RPGs and it definitely shows in this game. The in-game purchasing system is minimalized so you don’t quit the game because it suddenly becomes pay-to-win and this is another sign of love the studio has for games. You can buy and even support the developers, but it’s not forced on you every couple of seconds as you play.

Keep in mind this one isn’t MMORPG so you don’t have countless customizing options that these games usually provide. This game is made by classic RPG lovers for classic RPG lovers and as that serves a perfect function. If you’re looking for an MMORPG, the next one might be more for you.

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2. Order & Chaos 2 – For Massive Fun

Order & Chaos 2-Fantasy MMORPGIf you’re more a fan of World of Warcraft style of RPGs, Order & Chaos 2 can be just what the doctor ordered. You have your classic choices of races, classes and you upgrade your equipment as you move on. There’s also a fairly active PVP system where you can play against other players or go on raids and challenge gigantic bosses. Finally, you can also go solo and explore the vast world. The options are endless and you’ll have hours of fun deciding what to do next since the game doesn’t glue you to a single path where you basically have to do what the developers intended for you to do. Instead, you can explore and experience the freedom of doing things how you want it.

Although Order & Chaos 2 doesn’t offer anything specifically innovative or new, it does packs everything quite well. Sometimes with games, it’s not about what you bring to the table, but how you deliver. With that thought in mind, although this game doesn’t have anything you haven’t seen before, it does present what you already know in a great and respective way.

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3. Dungeon Hunter 5 – Endless Dungeons & Hack ‘n’ Slashing

Dungeon Hunter 5 iOS AppFinally, for everyone who enjoys equipping their character with powerful weapons and just wreck havoc upon the world, Dungeon Hunter 5 is the way to go. Besides playing with players around the world, what makes this one awesome is the simple controls. It’s amazing how much you can do with simple controls. Attacks, powers and magic you collect feel rewarding to perform and extremely satisfying. The game is definitely for gamers who enjoy great graphics and love watching their character perform sick moves as they rip monsters apart. With every battle, you can be sure it won’t be boring and once you end up victorious it will actually feel like a true victory.

The only thing we don’t like about this one is that the game can feel a bit more pay-to-win in comparison to the first two. It is completely understandable that developers need to earn in order to keep the game going. It’s more about packing it in a way that doesn’t seem so direct and intrusive. Besides that, you’ll surely have fun playing this one for hours on end.

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So here you go, these are our 3 choices for RPGs you should be playing right now. If you’re bored at your home not knowing what game to pick up next, try one of the 3. We’re sure they will make your days much more entertaining.

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