Top 5 Apps for Mobile Tracking


Whenever we say mobile tracking, most of the people will find it uncomfortable, thanks to all those thrillers which made it a tool to track down the criminals. Well, mobile tracking does not have to be something like that; it can be of many great uses too.  Though movie spies use the mobile tracking technology to trace the bad guys’ whereabouts, common people can use those to track down their stolen phones, monitor their under-age children and other family members and find their friends in any crowds or unknown places.

1. mSpy

mSpy Tracking MobileUsers of this app will agree instantly that this is the best one out there to have for any tracking purposes. With mSpy installed on a mobile, a tracker can get the records of phone calls both incoming and outgoing, SMSs, IMs, emails and voicemail records as well as the media and other files available and the web browsing history too. It practically enables a person to have full access to all the contents of the phone it is installed in. This facility comes in handy when the phone gets lost or stolen, or when parents are trying to supervise teen or pre-teens. It is practically the all-in-one app to get for mobile tracking!

2. FlexiSpy

FlexiSpy Tracking MobileFlexiSpy is mobile tracking software that enables a user to track all the data and the GPS location of the phone being watched. From keeping track of the employees to getting your hands on a cheating partner, everything is possible if it is installed in the target phone. Available for iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry phone, this app can be a great tool to dig the deep things out. This app allows you to have a remote access to all the media files stored and played on the targeted smart phone. You can also check the browser history and emails.

3. MobiStealth

MobiStealth Mobile TrackingMobiStealth is another top name among the mobile tracking apps. Compatible with almost all the smart phone types, this app also allows a user to see the phonebook, call logs, all kinds of messages and data on the phone. All the updates and reports are sent through emails to the users so that they are aware of all the activities done on the targeted device. As well as other the foremost mobile spy apps MobiStealth spots GPS locations of the cell phone it is installed on and then notifies a user about those. So, you have the whole history of your target’s movements.

4. Spy Bubble

Spy Bubble TrackingThis is also a topper in our cell phone tracking software list. This is an easy and fun-to-use app that proves the point that tracking a mobile is not always for some unacceptable purposes. Parents can use this to have an idea about their children’s location and online activities. In this way they are able to see whether things are going wrong or not and help their kids. Of course, all major features of top spy apps are available as well: call logs are recorded; various types of messages, photos and videos are tracked; GPS tool keeps track of targeted smart phone too.

5. StealthGenie

StealthGenie TrackingFinally, StealthGenie is among the top most performing mobile tracking apps that have earned a great reputation. This app is an organized and neat way to monitor the activities and location of the targeted phone with time-to-time updates and notifications. It also works in stealth mode and is compatible with iPhone, Android and BlackBerry. This app is a good choice for those who decided to check the wide range of smart phone activities and remain the invisible for their targets.

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