Top 10 Games on the iPhone


So you have been waiting to get your hands on your iPhone that you just ordered. The iPhone, that everyone has been talking about nowadays. The iPhone that revolutionized standard cell phones to smart phones. Now what? Well let me tell you…..

Angry Birds Collide with the Force

Angry Birds Star Wars for iPhone

In Angry Birds Star Wars, players are able to experience the Force with lightsabers to defeat its enemies. This game plays favors for the monotony gamers.  The developers have tweaked the idea of aiming strategically angled birds to get the most cause and effect with some “force powers” to help assist you get the outcome you plan.


Drop7 for iPhone & iPad

This puzzle game is tedious in nature and may cause players to give up before they accurately learn or commit the rules to memory. However, it still finds its way into people’s favorites for those who are constantly waiting for people. Stuck in a line? Drop7 can make any length of time deem bearable.

Ghost Trick

GHOST TRICK for iPhone & iPad

Inspired by its great success on the DS; Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective, is equipped with a catchy puzzle and an even more tear jerker, heartfelt story line. This game is truly a must to play on your iPhone or iPad gaming device. Players who are drawn to this game tend to have ear buds constantly tuned in, enjoy flashy images, and finds favor in comedic pleasure.  Looking for something a little more involved game – wise? Or want to pass by the “nitty gritty” of a story line, detective yourself elsewhere.

Hero Academy

Hero Academy for iPhone & iPad

A twist on the old time game of Chess, Hero Academy gives players unique defenders and enemies. Each game piece controls the game in their unique power. A slow paced game, allows for complete strategy to take place, and critical plays to occur. Half the battle is in waiting for your opponent to make a play, so then you can counter act it just as well. Downloader’s typically are drawn to it by the quirky relations to Lord of the Rings mythology.


Horn for iPhone & iPad

Not for your quick smoke break or bathroom break you get at work, but a more involved favorite nonetheless. Horn attracts players that were intrigued by role playing as a child. The iPhone adaption of The Legend of Zelda mimics a boy who is faced with stone like creatures who once roamed the land in human flesh.  Desperate to restore the human race, players are challenged to use magical artillery to break a crystal curse.

Bad Hotel

Bad Hotel for iPhone & iPad

Not your Heartbreak Hotel, this construction site challenges you to build up your hotel while opponents are attempting to attack it. Construct the building box that contains ammunition, and your Bad Hotel then becomes a weapon, aiding in your complete destruction. Despite the annoyingly limited responsiveness of the game (not for those who don’t have a steady, patient hand), the musicale and artistic value of this game plays favor on those gamers who are more visually, musically inclined.

Plants Vs  Zombies

Plants vs. Zombies for iPhone & iPad

This games has been a must have for years. It’s new version has taken away all the best features and still maintains to keep us captivated for hours. This doesn’t provide the eye in the sky view that some of it’s counterparts provide but still allow you to feel as if you are part of the action. If you are looking to feel like the bird in the sky this may not be the game for you

Need For Speed Most Wanted

Need for Speed Most Wanted for iPhone & iPad

Ok what do you get when you combine the company that makes the best racing game on the market and an open play book to EA’S Need for Speed? WOW that is all I have to say. Takes Graphics, unreal putting some of my best consoles to shame. You can’t pull away from this thing, it’s memorizing. If we had to come up with any downfall it’s the fact that you can’t customize the cars.

Letter Press

Letterpress – Word Game for iPhone & iPad

This game takes letter play to a new level. Not only do you get to try your wits with an opponent you actually get to go to battle for your letters. This is a great play on normal worm like letter games. The cleverer you are the more your opponent feels your wrath. This game is great for those who like to read and can work under pressure. The extremely fast game keeps you on the edge of your seat and you will wonder where you time went.

Infinity Blade

Infinity Blade for iPhone & iPad

One on one duals takes a new light with this strategy and battle game. Keeping your attention from the very first swipe of the screen, you are hooked. This stunning visual epic seamlessly navigates you from match to match. The overall learning curve for this game takes around fifteen minutes. That is most definitely time well spent.

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