Santa Backup – Data Recovery & Backup App On Android Devices

Santa Backup Option on Android DeviceSanta Backup Option on Android Device

In this new era of Information Technology, a technology was very much needed to safe-keep the information. There were applications in the market but there was a requirement for good software that ensures the safekeeping of the information on hand. Now, this problem is fixed with the appearance of Santa Backup application, with the familiar face of Santa as its logo. This is new software launched by Santa Software.  This new software has been specially designed for android mobile phones with the android version 2.3 and upper version. This new enhanced software requires a very low storage memory of only 4.5MB and the latest version is 2.0.2. the recent version has been updated on  2014-06-19.

Santa Backup App Front End
Santa Backup App Front End

Santa Backup is created keeping in mind the value of information and this software ensures security as well. Through this app, important information like call details, contacts, messages and in the media library, photos, music and videos, applications can be backed up successfully.

Santa Backup Option on Android Device
Santa Backup Option on Android Device

This app offers three types of backup destination:

  1. SD Card
  2. Other Storage Device, which the user considers more secure and easy to handle
  3. Dropbox

This device also offers automatic android backup of data with 1. Backup Daily and 2. Backup Weekly options. This convenient schedule timing options allows the user to keep the data up-to-date. This app also function is three ways, namely, backup, restore and tasks. Restore button works for the recovery of the data that have been backed up already. Another amazing feature of this app is that internet can be used through it.

This new app has created a wave of appreciation from the users. Users from various countries have used the application successfully and if there is any problem by any chance, the Santa Software team is always in the scene to help the users with battle readiness. This has provided the users some relief that the data in their phone is always safe and they do not need to worry about the security of the data. Also if the client uses other storage device than just the SD Card, that also gives the assurance of keeping the data in maximum safety.

Data Backup and Recovery App

So, this data backup and recovery app that comes with a familiarity everyone knows of the face of Santa, has made the clients to feel at home. They are assured that, their important and vital data are in the safe hands of Santa, that leaves the data and the users in Christmas mood.

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