How To Use Phone Apps To Measure Your Blood Alcohol Level


Being a responsible driver means leaving your car behind if you know that you’re going to a party where you’re probably going to have a few drinks. Sometimes, however, you’re not able to make preparations, especially if there are unplanned events. So, what do you do? The most sensible thing to do is to avoid alcohol because you know that you’ll be driving home. But what if you possess the ability to measure your blood alcohol concentration? Will this help you become a more responsible drinker?

There is no shortage of apps in the android marketplace, and several companies now offer applications that can help you measure your BAC. Others can determine if you look or appear sober enough to drive. But the big question is – are these reliable? Well, it is always more prudent to avoid putting all of your faith in these tools. Though these look modern and high-tech, most of these DUI apps are not reliable, and the rest do not claim to provide 100% assurance to users. Therefore, use these apps carefully and with discretion.

How to Use Popular DUI Apps

How you use a DUI app will largely depend on what type you downloaded. Some have very user-friendly interface, while others require more clicks and are more difficult to navigate. Below are a few of the more well-known and used apps that you can easily operate in case you have need of them.

1. Avvo Last Call (Free)

This can be used to check your BAC by inputting each drink consumed. As you take note of each beverage, the app will calculate, check and update your BAC. You’ll then see if you have exceeded the legally acceptable level, which is generally 0.08. When you check and see that your BAC is too high, you can use its taxi search service. Another feature which you hopefully won’t have to use is the DUI lawyer search, which identifies the nearest DUI attorneys in your area.

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2. BreathalEyes ($1.99)

BAC Scanner AppBreathalEyes checks if you exhibit the signs of HGN or Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus, which is the involuntary movement or twitching of the eyes demonstrated by individuals who have consumed alcohol. HGN is also analyzed in field sobriety tests. The older version of BreathalEyes used static images. So, a person takes pictures of his eyes and the app determines if he has HGN. The most recent 2.0 version, on the other hand, uses videos, which provide more information to the device, and so the results are also more dependable than the first. The two most basic requirements in order for the app to be as reliable as possible are – a steady pair of hands and good lighting.

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3. Intoxicheck ($0.99)

If you don’t like to count your drinks or check and recheck your BAC, you can download intoxicheckTM. Through a series of simple tests, intoxicheckTM helps in determining if you’re sober or if you’ve had too much to drink. Easy-to-do challenges, like pattern recognition, code substitution, reaction time, button tapping, and memory, are quite hard to do if you are inebriated.

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Important Reminders

Aside from the three mentioned above, there are still so many available apps that you can use, such as DrinkTracker, Gauge, iDrinkSmarter, and R-U-Buzzed? BAC Calculator, to name a few. But these are not tools that you should take advantage of, especially because such apps aren’t a hundred percent reliable. These should be used properly and responsibly, and always remember to never drink and drive.

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