Earn Money Building Apps in Your Free Time


Earn Money Building AppsThe Dotcom Bubble which started in the late nineties paved the way for commoners to earn money online. Professionals, such as designers, programmers, content writers, bloggers, and data entry operators had an opportunity to work from home at their convenient timings to generate additional online income. Although internet offers myriad of opportunities to earn, often early birds make the most out of the opportunities. Currently, the latest online money making strategy involves in developing mobile apps. If you are a netizen or an online entrepreneur looking for innovative ways to generate decent income from the internet, it is wise to venture into mobile app development. With smart mobile devices gaining momentum, today, mobile apps are the buzz.

Introduction To Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are applications that are designed to run on mobile devices. Today, there are a number of smart mobile device manufactures, such as Apple, Samsung, BlackBerry, LG, and others. These smart phones and tables work on different platforms and operating systems. While these hand held devices are highly portable and convenient, their computing power is equal to that of modern day desktop and laptop computers. The computing power of mobile devices can be utilized by developing applications for various purposes. Mobile apps, today, sell like hot cakes. Creating innovative mobile apps and distributing them to mobile users is a lucrative business.

Choosing A Platform

Although there are several mobile platforms, Android and iOS are the two dominating platforms in the mobile industry. While Android is being backed up by the internet giant Google, iOS is the proprietary platform for mobile devices manufactured by Apple. Choosing either of the platforms is a good idea to being your app development. Both Google and Apple have their app stores where you can place your mobile apps for download. Eclipse and Java are used to build android apps and Objective-C is used to develop iOS apps. If the terms sound Greek and Latin to you, just forget them. Remember this article focuses on the layman and not professional app developers.

App Builders

App builders are online tools that aid in creating mobile apps on the platform of your choice. These app builders make the complicated app development process into a child’s play. The app builder’s interface has several intuitive tools and objects that enable users to create mobile apps by using drag and drop techniques. Adding graphics or creating buttons is as simple as pie. Once you come up with the design, all you have to do is choose the functionalities and click the finish button. The app builder will render the mobile app with all necessary coding. Wondering what to do with the mobile app you just created, simply make them available to users.

App Stores

App stores are the primary market place for mobile apps. Google operates Google Play Store for android mobile applications and Apple owns the iTunes app store for iOS apps. Both the app stores have certain rules and regulations before accepting mobile apps. However, the app builders are capable of rendering apps that are in accordance with the terms. Some of the app builder sites also do the job of submitting your mobile apps to the app stores. If the app store visitors find your app useful, they will download the app and start using it.

App Monetization

There are several ways to monetize your mobile apps. For instance, if your app is truly extraordinary, you can simply charge a onetime fee for downloads and earn money. If you feel that users may hesitate to spend money on your app, you can offer it as free download and include nonintrusive ads to earn money. It is also possible to provide updates or permit users to avail premium services and additional content for a nominal fee.

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