10 Free Android Apps For Web Designers


Here are ten tools that you can use if you have an Android. The apps here are free, and are all ideal for web designers. Some of them have a paid version you can try. The apps are useful for different aspects of web design, so they have not been ranked in any sort of order.

1. Magic Color Picker

Magic Color Picker Android AppThis is a tool that will help web designers pick the colors for their websites. It uses a sliding mechanism that puts together a number of colors that the web designer may wish to try. You can use this app in seven different modes to mix up your color choice, and you can use four different color models (RGB, YUV, HSL and HSV). You can see the colors in decimal or hex so that you may add them to your website without having to download anything (you can just use the numbers).

2. Photoshop

Photoshop Android AppThis is a photo-editing app that allows you to alter your photos in a number of ways. Most people are familiar with what Photoshop software is capable of these days. This app is simply optimized for the smaller images that people have on their Android mobile phones. Once you have finished editing your photos, you can save them, upload them or download them onto a different device.

3. WebMaster’s HTML Editor Lite

WebMaster HTML Editor Lite Android AppThis is a HTML editor, which is handy for people who feel like writing a bit of code when they are on the move. It makes programming a little bit easier (as all editors do), plus you can save the code or email it to yourself later. If you would like to try the paid version then it will help you to write JavaScript, CSS and PHP too. It has the usual syntax highlighting features, and has the usual tools for removing unneeded space, etc. It has a handy undo/redo feature and virtual keys for if you have to keep using similar pieces of code.

4. Simple Text-Text Icon Creator

Simple Text-Text Icon Creator Android AppThis is an icon creator that allows you to create icons with just text. You type in what you want the icon to say and then construct your icon/widget around those words. You can manipulate the font and settings so that the words look good, and you can change how the icon looks around it. You can add and remove colors and effects from the icon so that it looks like one that has been designed by a professional.

5. Flickroid

Flickroid Android AppThis is an app that is integrated with the Flickr website. You may upload and move videos and images using this app and the Flickr website. You may also use the background-uploading feature, privacy settings and image tags. You may create photosets, manage your account, and upload/download many different images at one time.

6. PhotoStitch Lite

PhotoStitch Lite Android AppThis is an image app that you can use to create some very interesting graphics for your website. You must take numerous pictures of an object from lots of different angles. You then upload these images onto the app and it stitches them together. The object you photographed may then be manipulated so that you can see it in any angle (as if it were a three-dimensional object).

7. Color Pal

Color Pal Android AppThis tool allows a web designer to look through a number of different colors. As a web designer, you are aware that you can use hexadecimal to pick any color you wish, but it is often a good idea to get a bit of inspiration. This app will show you some very nice palettes that allow you to mix and match colors.

8. PHP reference

PHP Reference Android AppThis is an app that has lots of PHP code on it. It is indexed very well and is in user-friendly categories so you will be able to find what you are looking for a little easier.

9. Typography & Font

Typography Android AppThis is an app that helps you to create fancy fonts and typefaces. It allows you to add a little bit of creative flair to your website. You can make the font and the typeface look a little more like the rest of your website. You may even design borders to match the typeface that you choose. It also allows you to keep up to date with new typeface designs.

10. CSS Reference

CSS Reference Android AppThis is a tool that has chunks of CSS code on it. It is a nice reference app that will save you from having to look online for your answers all the time. It is also good if you are trying to learn a few pieces of code too. If you are trying to write web code on an Android, then it is unlikely that you are going to have your books nearby. It is also probable that you do not wish to look on your mobile Internet every time you need a snippet of CSS code. This app will save you a lot of trouble.

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