5 Best Free Investment iOS Apps

TD Ameritrade Mobile iOS App

TD Ameritrade Mobile iOS AppHere are five investment apps that you may like to give a try. Do remember to play it safe with apps. Many investment apps are going to ask you for payment and/or bank details. At the end of the day you are entrusting your information to whoever made the app. That company may be a moral and upstanding company, or may be funded by Somalia pirates. Therefore, you really need to treat these apps with extreme skepticism, and if you can help to further safeguard your money through things such as PayPal or paying by credit card, then you will be much better off.

iTrade Stock Market Simulator

This is actually an app to help you learn the ropes of how to trade, and to help you hone your skills at trading. The app does not actually offer any sort of real investment opportunities. It is more of a game that is based upon real data and is set up to be as realistic as possible. It is a free app that is available for the iPhone.

You may start with $100,000 in the game, and that is your seed money. You then invest it in the market, but the data you see and use is actually from the market. It even has realistic time delays and trading executions. It helps you to practice and see what would have happened if you had made the trades you did in real life.


This is a good app for finding financial news. It does not require any sort of account in order to operate it and is free to download. You may use it for the Android, the iPhone or the iPad. It is not often difficult to find financial news on a Smartphone, as the Internet is littered with it. However, this app distinguishes itself by making the content easy to read.

It comes in an easy-to-read format and has content from CNNMoney, Reuters, and MarketWatch. You may also use the “watch” function in order to keep an eye on certain financial news. If you use the iPad version then you may see videos and listen to podcasts too. If you have an account with the app, then you may trade, set up alerts, pay bills and use their financial tools.


This is an app for people who are looking to invest long-term. It is the ideal app for people who are using investing as a savings method, where they invest the money and leave it alone until they need to withdraw their savings, i.e. sell their investments. The app is free and available on the iPhone.

You may use it as a retirement savings plan, and it even has a retirement projector that is inside the “Savings Simplifier” function. You enter in your current age and how much you wish to invest monthly and it gives you an approximate estimate of what you may earn if you start right away. If your investments are closer to savings accounts than they are to trades, then it gives you a fairly good idea of what you may have upon your retirement. It also has functions to help you monitor your investments over time.

WikInvest Portfolio Manager

This is a broader app that is more suited to the long-term trader. It is not ideal for people who wish to check their investments every day. The app is free and available for the Android, the iPhone, the iPad, a BlackBerry and Windows Phone 7.

The app marketing boasts that the app is very secure and that you may pull trading information from over sixty brokerages. It offers the opinions of other traders and reviews of certain investments. It has a good function for checking your portfolio over a long time, which is why it is probably better for the more long-term investor.

TDAmeritrade Mobile

This is an app that will help you to check the markets as often and as frequently as you like. It also boasts that you may make very quick buys and sells. The app is free and works on the Android, the iPhone and iPad.

It allows people to follow certain markets and make trades. The app has a watch list which will allow you to follow certain shares and stocks, and is quite comprehensive. It has trading tools which make trading faster and more convenient. If you use a Smartphone then you may take a photo of a barcode and look up the company behind it in order to purchase shares (if there are any).

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