9 Awesome Apps For Language and Writing Fanatics


PagesTechnology has been able to help many people. The use of apps on smartphones and tablets has made lives easier. People can now bank on the go, shop on the go, stay connected on the go, and even find a variety of information at the swipe of an app.
There are apps for everything, including apps for language and writing fanatics. Whether you need writing and language apps for work, school or pleasure, the following are some awesome apps you need to use.

1. is a website that many people visit in order to find the definition of words they don’t know. Luckily, this site is now available as an app, and you can now locate the definition to a variety of words right on your smartphone or tablet. Along with the definition, you can also find synonyms and antonyms.

Download it here.

2. Dragon Dictation

Ideas pop into your head quickly, and you may not have the time to type them out in time. Before you forget about that great idea, you can use Dragon Dictation to verbalize your thoughts and take notes orally. This way, if you have a brilliant writing idea, you can tell Dragon Dictation what you want to write, and it will type it out for you.

Download it here.

3. Notably

You may be used to writing your content in Microsoft Word or Google Docs, but sometimes those options aren’t available when you’re on the go. Instead, you can use Notably, an app that is laid out like common word processors. This way, you can write down stories or notes no matter where you are and save them for future use.

Download it here.

4. The Brainstormer

The Brainstormer app is dedicated to helping writers overcome writer’s block. Instead of struggling to find a topic to write and torturing yourself over content, you can use The Brainstormer to help you find some great ideas. The app allows you to spin a wheel to get plot, character and location ideas for your story, and this can help you to easily overcome writer’s block and get your content flowing.

Download it here.

5. Dropbox

Instead of sending large files over email or leaving documents or projects on your desktop computer, you needDropbox. With this app, you can add documents to your virtual dropbox that you can share with other people and access from anywhere. This way, if you forget to bring a project home, you don’t have to go back to the office to retrieve it. Instead, all the documents you need will be held on Dropbox, and you will be able to access those documents no matter where you are.

Download it here.

6. Pages

Pages has the functionality of a word processor and file sharing program all in one. This app allows you to create content in the same easy fashion as you would if you were using Word or Google Docs. Then, because the app is integrated with iCloud, you’ll be able to share you work with anyone and access your files from anywhere, making this a necessity for writers who are constantly on the go.

Download it here.

7. iA Writer

iA Writer can help all writers get to work without distractions. This app functions as a word processor, but it eliminates all the distractions. The layout is simple, and it only focuses on the word processor page so you can only see what you’re typing. You cannot see the format tools or other functions, which will eliminate the desire to edit until you’re finished with your work. You can also sync the app with Dropbox, so you can share you work with anyone or retrieve your work from anywhere.

Download it here.

8. PaperHelper

If your writing is based on research, you know how tough it can be to complete an assignment on a small smartphone or tablet screen. Luckily, PaperHelper is there to, well, help. With PaperHelper, your small screen will now be divided in half, allowing you to bounce between word processor and Internet research with ease. This way, you can easily jot down your work while researching your subject without having to close in and out of separate apps.

Download it here.

9. Grammar App HD

If you have trouble with grammar, you definitely need an app to help you with your writing. Grammar App HD is a great tool to have to teach you the basic rules of grammar and to help provide you with better examples to make your writing sound more professional and correct.

Download it here.


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