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Capsule Mapping Application

Capsule Mapping ApplicationCapsule – Mapping Application

Capsule is one of the mapping application which allows you to find places and saving list of favorite places. The iPhone app development of Capsule helps in making your life easy as you will get all of the places near you. You can think of it as your private FourSquare. You can save, remember and also tag places which you want to visit more often.

Better to have List of Places

Many of us are used to bookmark places where we keep our visits like places of friends, relatives, coworkers and many more. It is better to have a list of places which can be handled by an app. That is the reason why Capsule is here to help you by keeping recommended spots just right at one place.

Capsule for Location Based Services

Capsule requires permission of the location services. One you got located by the app, a map powered by FourSquare will lead you to nearby points. On the marker you can tap so that you can get to know about the name and type of the business the place is about. Sometimes we are in need to search for something specific to locate that particular place. For that purpose, go to search function which is above the list of spots. The iPhone app development of Capsule does not provide you the data in the real time and you have to go for the manually tapping for the search of a place.

Works best with iPhone

The iPhone app is small 3MB and can be downloaded easily. It is observed to work best with iPhone. This means iPhone app development is specifically made for the given purpose. The maps, search box, calibrate location, nearby places button, and My list options are there in the app. The base camp of the Capsule is FourSquare from where it pulls off information like recommendations.

Choose place from the app which then be shown in the information card. The card contains details by FourSquare. Also, there is an option to name a place if you wish. In your vicinity checkout the places and get contact information from the app. You can save your current location tags and search through list of places. You can share those places with friends through email, message and social networks is there too in the app. ‘Driving directions’ are also in the app that you can choose and these are actually from Google maps.

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