7 Best Free Social & Gaming Apps for iPhone / iPad


There are so many excellent apps made especially for the iOS system and you might not be aware of all the amazing things that you can do on your tablet and cellphone. When you feel like taking your mind off things for a bit you should make use of the best free apps for iPhone and iPad. The following ones are sure to give you some solid entertainment:

1. Facebook

Before you download any other apps you need to make sure that you have Facebook on your handheld device. This social network is crucial and something that you will probably want to use as part of your entertaining experience on your device. Luckily it doesn’t cost a dime to install Facebook on an iPad or iPhone and it is simply done.

2. Play Online Poker

There’s nothing like a game of poker when your mind needs a kick start. Get an online poker app and start the fun on your iPad or iPhone. In poker, it is always nice to win because winning doesn’t only come with money but also with respect, but the way to becoming a poker shark is fun in and of itself, so don’t worry about playing as a beginner.

3. Casino Games in Your Phone

Casino games are also a lot of fun and many times a lot easier to play that poker games. With an online casino app in your pocket, you are always ready to spin the slots and enjoy easier card games like casino poker or baccarat.

4. Bingo is for everyone!

If you thought the gaming on your phone is limited to poker and casino, you couldn’t be more wrong. Comes online bingo to give you the type of entertainment that everyone will enjoy. With a bingo app in your phone or tablet, you are never far away from some amazing fun.

5. Only Slots-Please

If you want only slots and don’t feel the need for other casino games you can settle for a specific online slots app which will give you the latest titles. You should note that there are plenty of different themes and functions and it is possible to play for free without winning for real if all you are looking for is the excitement of seeing what will come up next on the reels.

6. Share Pictures with Flickr

This is an app that is going strong, which may be due to the fact that we love to share pictures with each other. With Flickr, you can browse your friends’ pics and also make sure that they will see yours. Since your iPhone or iPad has a built in camera it becomes so easy to snap pictures and instantly share them.

7. Skype

If you are not already using Skype to call from your phone, it is high time that you do so. Download the iPad app for free and save money by using this app when you want to talk to people who are already on Skype. It might even be worth your while to buy a subscription to get unlimited calls to cell phones, landlines and abroad so that you can use the Skype for all of your calls. The Skype app is also a good choice for instant messaging.

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