5 Awesome Camera Apps for Taking Photos in Travel & Vacations


Photographs capture a moment that is gone forever and impossible to reproduce. So take lots of photos, because you will forget 99% of what you see when you are travelling or having a cool vacation! Development of modern technology has changed our life style and smartphones became the common household appliance for the modern people. Now a days, Smartphone is the first thing a person reaches for when a person wakes up and the last thing a person touches before one nods off to sleep. The mobile phone is always with a person and always on with lots of facilities such as taking photographs!

Modern people do not need to keep expensive cameras with them during travel because smartphones have the built-in camera with high quality resolution along with video facility. One can easily capture their moment using their smartphones! So the camera is not essential because people got the smartphone in their pockets to communicate with beloved along with capturing photos.

Moreover, smartphone camera app will make things more effective for the users. For the best result and to keep the photos safe even the smartphone is lost, just sync the smartphone with cloud storage before installing the smartphone camera app. You can go for mSpy spyware for the pest protection!

There are different camera apps in the market with effective features such as editing and apply different effects on the photos but the prominent photographers recommended the following camera apps for the best result!

1. Camera+: With Professional Camera Features!

Camera Plus AppOnly for $0.99, you can have the powerful imaging experience using the Camera+ app! This app is applicable for Android, iPhones, iPads or iOS based smartphones. It is very user friendly and the professional camera features made the app unique. You just love to take photos because of the following features:

  • Easily control the light to take photos
  • Digital zooming facility
  • Photo flashlight to improve photo quality
  • Get the details photo information –when the photo shoot, size, place, shutter speed, etc
  • Share the photo via Facebook, Twitter, Flicker, email, message, etc.
  • Use built-in effects for realistic look
  • Advanced editing options
  • Crop the photo for perfect framing along with borders & captions

Download App for iOS or Android

2. Adobe Photoshop Express: Editing Photos For Fun!

Adobe Photoshop Express appIf you want photo magic at your fingertips then Adobe Photoshop Express is the best app for you during your vacation. This app is applicable for the iPad, Windows 8 tablet, iPhone, Android or smartphones with iOS. The app will provide you extensive photo editing features. You can crop, rotate, flip, remove red eye and adjust color of the photos in fun artistic ways. Besides this app is very user friendly. You can have the app free and for the additional features you need to purchase the app according to your need.

  • Adobe Camera Pack valuing $4.99
  • Adobe Effect Pack costing $2.99
  • Adobe Border Pack for $.99

Download App for iOS or Android

3. Pixlr-o-matic: Cool Looking Vintage Images!

Pixlr-o-matic appThis app made the photo editing very easy for the users with fun. You can add millions of effects to make the photos look spectacular according to your wish. If you want to adjust the mood then use color overlays, lighting effects add drama, pick the border style according to your need, select the photo and apply the effects, share the photos via social networks, dropbox, iTunes, email, etc. Just enjoy the editing and enjoy the fun.

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4. Snapspeed: Simply The Best Choice!

Snapseed Photo appThis is the photo editing app you will want to use every single time. Everyone can use this app and can make absolute fun because of the unique features. This app is applicable for the windows, Mac OS, iPhone or iPad. You can adjust the photos using Auto Correct, control brightness & color of the specific objects or areas of the photo, classic black & white look, vintage films, grunge, center focus, retrolux, etc. This app you give you language support too. You can make your photo extraordinary with fun at your fingertips!

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5. TiltShift: Fantastic Photographic Effects That Make You Look Twice!

TiltShift Camera appIf you want to enjoy your creation via photo editing then TiltShift is the best camera app for you. It will make you photo real and unique according to your dream. You can use various resolution, linear shaped blur, control the situation and contrast of the photo along with landscape and portrait modes. This app is used effectively to create fake miniature scenes along with digital effect. Besides you can have title option for selective focus in the photos.

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