6 Most Amazing Android Apps for Entrepreneurs & Businessmen


To stay ahead in the competitive world of business and entrepreneurship, speed and accuracy is very essential. In order to achieve both, a great deal of business proceedings is driven by technology. One technological product that has assisted businesses to accomplish goals at a quick turnaround time is a ‘Smartphone’. Within a short span of 5 years, the mobile industry has advanced by manifolds. Much along the lines is the mobile app development industry that has expanded quite dramatically and is expected to grow 1000 % more by the year 2015.

Thousands of applications feature everyday from across genres namely lifestyle, games, music and business. Business applications in particular have created a new wave both on the development front as well as usage. Using an application for everyday business requirement saves time, increases revenue and most importantly improves client/customer relationship. In addition to that it has unleashed an unspoken code of conduct that is so important for business and dealings at all levels.

Although app stores across platforms are packed with applications, identifying the right app can sometimes be tricky. To minimize the work of those who are constantly looking for application is adept for their business needs, here is a list of 10 most amazing Android apps for entrepreneurs and businessmen. We have intentionally chosen Android for two reasons. First, Android is the most popular OS for mobile phones. Secondly, there are few state – of the art mobile apps especially created for the platform that will certainly give you an edge in business.

Documents To Go

Documents To Go 3.0 Main Android AppThis is excellent application that allow users to view and review Microsoft documents such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Additionally, PDF files can also be viewed using his application.  Although it is a paid app, the free version of the same allows its users to view e-mail doc attachments. This is a must have applications for those working in the field of marketing and advertising. So for making last minute changes in the presentation before a meeting or getting a quick access to important business mails on the go, install Documents To Go app on your Smartphone.


Bump Android AppA Free application that allows exchange of business card, contact information and phones between two phones by merely bumping two phones together.  Next, time you attend a business meeting or seminar, you no longer have to carry chunk of papers to exchange contact info and emails. The good news is that besides Android, the application works on iOS as well.


JuiceDefender Battery Saver Android AppLong business call can drain the battery of your Smartphone. However, applications such as the Juicefinder are an excellent choice that conserves the battery life of a device by automatically disabling 3G/4G connection when the phone is not in use for a prolonged period of time. The paid version of the application is even better that can help users customize the application as per one need.


Lookout Security & Antivirus Android AppThis is amazing application that safeguards your phone against all possible adversities such as malware, virus, data loss, theft of misplacement of device.  It automatically detects and removes viruses that have the potency to erase important files and email attachments on your Smartphone. The application also hinders risky URLS that can perhaps pick up confidential information from your phone. This is a very recurrent problem found in many phones these days. Therefore, if you want to protect sensitive information and email and files pertaining to your business, Lookout is a must have application on the list.


X-plore File Manager Android AppThis is yet another useful business app that facilitates quick access of files and documents saved on ‘Cloud’. One just needs to have an account on a ‘Cloud’ based web service and X-Plore will pull our important files from there.  It is an excellent application to manage files and folders on the move. When using this application a user can view, copy, move, delete compress, extract, rename and share files without a glitch.

Catch Note

Catch Notes Android AppTrue to its name, this is an ingenious application that will not let you miss out on any idea of a point raised in an important meeting.  It is essentially a fee note-taking application that captures idea with voice command, photos or text notes. The application can be accessed online as well as offline. It also helps users to create to do list so that you do not miss the schedule of important meetings and appointments.

Above is the list of some useful business apps that will certainly assist you in your work life of any nature.  Each of this application meet a specific requirement associated with work which all of us are so familiar with. I hope this list will come in handy for those who are constantly looking for innovative applications that have the potential to improve performance and productivity at work.

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