What Apps Are the Best Alternatives to Tinder?


As swipe right has become an instinctive hand gesture for the digital generation, it was not the first internet platform for matching lonely hearts online. Moreover, its ubiquitous status has resulted in its standardisation to become the ‘best dating app for everyone’. This makes it a sub-optimal choice for many users looking for long-term relationships as well as users interested in online anonymity. This article explores the best alternatives to Tinder that are available in 2020.

1. Yumi

The unique feature of this app is the implementation of full anonymity as the primary feature of the platform. You can upload a selfie that does not show your face, blur your photo or decide against uploading any picture of yourself. These options make it much easier to hide your online dating endeavours from your friends and relatives. This app is highly suitable for finding one-night-stand opportunities, same-sex dates or simply learning more about potential local dates without disclosing your identity.

2. Happn

Remember the last time you encountered a beautiful stranger in your neighbourhood but passed them by without approaching them? Happn was specifically designed for these situations and allows you to find local dates among the people living nearby. While this may limit your choice of options, this app may be highly suitable for busy individuals who are not willing to change their lifestyles (and travelling routes) or if you’re arriving in a new neighbourhood and willing to meet the locals.

3. Hinge

This app is officially declared as a ‘relationship app’ by its creators, which makes it the optimal choice when looking for a life-long soulmate. In addition to a huge database of potential match options, it also has some unique features. For example, shy users may find a list of the best personal questions particularly useful since it allows them to learn more about their new acquaintance without being intrusive. The user database is also comprised of the 23-36 age category while the matching mechanism is largely based upon the number of mutual Facebook friends.

4. Guardian Soulmates

If you do not feel at home with millennial audiences and modern communication styles, this platform may be your modern gentleperson’s club pass. The Guardian Soulmates app has two unique features. More than 80% of its users read the Guardian. All of them are willing to pay £35 per month to enjoy a society of equal-minded persons. While this approach may act like an entry barrier for many individuals, it may be perfectly suited for users who feel disgusted by the low style of other popular dating apps and want to search for the love of their life among older and more serious-minded audiences.

5. Bumble

Bumble has resolved the key problem of traditional dating apps where beautiful girls get hundreds of creepy messages and weird pics. It has found its niche by granting the ‘right of establishing contact’ to ladies exclusively, which provides a refreshing change. While this approach may seem slightly counterintuitive to users driven by stereotypical thinking, it may also be the best app for making your first cautious steps in online dating as a woman.

6. OkCupid

OkCupid is another anonymous dating app that provides greater comfort if you feel that you do not want to risk disclosing some of your tastes and preferences to the general public. The platform is more focused on the people willing to learn more about their prospective dates and relies on multiple-choice surveys when matching accounts. This innovative mechanism originally developed by Harvard University students may also assist you in finding new friends and simply expanding your network of contacts.

7. Coffee Meets Bagel

This platform has been named ‘anti-Tinder’ many times due to its radically different approach to matching prospective soulmates. An in-depth analysis mechanism explores all of your personal characteristics and tastes and offers a single date per day. This may be seen as a radical option for the persons willing to proactively browse through numerous profiles instead of waiting for a magical match to happen. However, this may be a really cool choice for those who do not think that romance is dead in the age of dating apps.

8. Do I Date

Do I Date may be deemed as the direct opposite of Coffee Meets Bagel and Hinge by bringing the fully transparent (and somewhat cynical) approach of TripAdvisor to the world of online dating. Effectively, you can rate your past dates while also leaving anonymous comments about them. On the one hand, this creates a self-cleaning community that quickly discards fake accounts as well as toxic or abusive users. On the other hand, you can always leave a positive rating for a wonderful date who just did not feel like the right one for you.

9. Hater

Not all great relationships are based on love. Do you hate people driving really slow in an ultra-fast lane? How about some major political figures, vegan food, or Crocs? The Hater app offers 4,000 ‘dislike’ topics to find a soulmate hating the same things that you do. While the app database is still in development, its key idea is highly unique and refreshing. By the way, the app was developed by a former employee of the most hated bank in the world, Goldman Sachs.

The best way to find your soulmate is to be highly realistic about your goals and expectations. While the aforementioned platforms provide good alternatives to the ‘fast food’ approach to dating, they also have their own limitations and strong points. With Tinder owners purchasing Hinge and copying the functionality of many successful competitors, your success in online dating may be defined by your dating strategy rather than the unique elements of some apps of your choice. Try to find the things and the personal characteristics that you love in people and use digital solutions as a way to find those who possess similar worldviews.

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