7 Best Android Apps For Travelers

FlightView Free Flight Tracker Android App

The Android is a very powerful mobile platform that has a lot of capabilities as well as functionality. You can do things on your phone today that would’ve taken tons of computers and equipment just 30 years ago. Now, if you’re a traveler, you know just how important it can be to have helpful mobile apps to make your day easier.

We’re going to go over some of the best Android apps that travelers can use in their day to day events. Most of these apps are either free or very affordable, but they don’t lack at all in the functionality department.


TripIt Travel Organizer Free Android AppThis is a great little app that will allow you to fully plan your trip to the T. You can organize your travel plans and sync it with your phone’s built in calendar. All you have to do is forward all of your email confirmations to a TripIt email and then the service will take care of all the planning.


Expensify Android AppIf you’re traveling for business, you’ll love the functions that you can find within Expensify. This nifty little app will allow users to make copies of their receipts and compile them into expense reports. This can make the task of tracking your spending much less time consuming and save you a lot of headaches.


Hipmunk Android AppThis is a great way to plan and arrange your travels before you even leave the house. The app uses a very nifty heat map function that will allow you to see all of the attractions and accommodations within the region you’re planning on visiting. This can also be helpful if you need to find a restaurant or hotel on the fly.

Flight View

FlightView Free Flight Tracker Android AppIf you’ve ever had to wait on a delayed flight, you know just how frustrating it can be to be left clueless about when you’re next flight is arriving. This app will take away a lot of the headaches by giving users real time notifications of flight status changes. Rather than wondering in the dark, just pull out Flight View and stay on top of things!


Kayak Android AppKayak is a very popular travel company that has a lot to offer when it comes to travel accommodations. This app will allow you to book flights, hotels, and rental cars and also track flights. It also allows you to find the best travel deals available, so you don’t have to worry about overspending.

Taxi Magic

Taxi Magic Android AppAnyone who has had to wait on a taxi knows that it can be quite a headache. The good news is that Taxi Magic will allow you to find, book and track taxis all over the United States. This can allow you to get a ride in no time without any hiccups.


Poynt Android AppThis app will give you access to all of the nearby events and businesses. It will use your GPS feature to find all of the exciting things nearby. It will also allow you to book nearby tickets, restaurants, movies and more.

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