7 Time Management Apps According To Your Style

Time Management Apps

If you’re trying to keep track and take control of the time in your life, make sure you know which kind of app suits you. Always look for reviews and feedback on the internet regarding how efficient these apps are in helping different people. This article shows you a variety of applications that can help you according to your needs and style.

1. Teamweek

Use Teamweek if you prefer seeing the overall status of each member of your team. Just add needed tasks and projects and watch the app monitor your members’ progress in a day, week, or month. Another efficient feature is that it syncs with devices in different platforms which allow you to view your statistics at your fingertips.

Make sure you purchase paid plans to fully utilize what the app can do to help with time management. With paid plans, you can customize the strategy you wish to take as well as the colors. Zooming out allows you to see and manage as far as a year’s worth. Going back in brings you back to specific planning for each day or week.

Use this app if: You want a view of the bigger picture and progress of each team member.

How much does it cost? The first five members get it free.

Application platform: Android, the web, iOS.

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2. helps you manage and improve productivity. This application is perfect for users who have a hard time focusing and sticking to their plans in the long run. The app allows you to input habits you want to start, and it reminds you every week as well as how far you’ve gone since starting.

Although the app is free, upgrades offer extra help because of the coaches that help and give support. From the app name itself, takes pride in assisting users to achieve their goals by offering different programs such as health, fitness, or productivity.

Use this app if: You want to stick to a habit.

How much does it cost? Free. But if you want a coach, it starts at $6.99.

Application platform: Android, the web, iOS.

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3. 135List

From the name of the app itself, 135List lets you list one big task, three medium tasks, and five small tasks. Prioritization is the key to achieving time management goals because the app is designed to make you see which one you should start on immediately and which one you should leave for later.

Although the app is for free, they also give you the option of getting a premium plan so that you can start sharing your goals and habits with other users, as well as customize the app’s theme.

Use this app if: you want to start prioritizing goals.

How much does it cost? Free. The premium plan starts at $2.50 a month.

Application platform: any browser or Chrome extension.

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4. Epic Win

This app is perfect for gamers who love playing on their phones. Epic Win focuses on giving the user a fun time while accomplishing tasks. The app offers role-playing games and lets you battle by doing missions. Once you finish these tasks, the app gives you points and unlock prizes. The strategy makes you get things done faster than what most people expect.

Use this app if: you love games and want a fun way of doing things needed.

How much does it cost? $1.99

Application platform: iOS

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5. Freedom

The internet is a vast place where the majority of users spend most of their time, which leads to not getting any work done. Freedom helps start and improve time management by blocking your chosen websites and applications that you think hinder you from getting things done. Another fantastic feature is that there is syncing among devices. This feature is in case you go and open the app or website on another device.

In addition to this, the app allows advanced blocking sessions just in case you forget them in the future.

Use this app if: you spend too much time on the net and you want to start being productive no matter what the cost.

How much does it cost? Free for the first seven sessions. The plan is at $29 a year.

Application platform: iOS, Windows, Mac, Chrome, Firefox, Opera

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6. Focus Booster

The Focus Booster app focuses on the Pomodoro technique wherein you have breaks in between sessions. The method lets you do your work for a specific amount of time (for example, twenty minutes) and lets you have a break (ten to fifteen minutes). Most students use this technique and are known to work and improve their learning abilities.

Breaks in between working sessions significantly improve productivity as well as a more natural way of managing time.

Use this app if: you enjoy the reward system, in the forms of having a break time.

How much does it cost? Free for the first twenty sessions. $2.99 per month if you continue.

Application platform: iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, the web

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7. Focus@Will

Out of all the time management apps, Focus@Will is the most popular because of the specificity of the system. The app lets you take a quiz, and the app specifies a music channel based on your results. Science says that music significantly improves focus and productivity, which is why Focus@Will aims to give you the perfect playlist.

In addition to this, the app determines which music suits your style of work, and as a result, you get more things done. The flow of work becomes faster and easier for you to work.

Use this app if: you love music and use it as a past time while getting things done.

How much does it cost? Free for the first two weeks. $9.95 per month if continued.

Application platform: iOS, Android, the web.

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Time management applications offer big help when you want to improve and increase productivity. However, you should not rely solely on these apps for you to finish the tasks you need to complete.

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