6 Amazing iPhone Apps For Your Car


The world of autos and the world of technology have come on in leaps and bounds in recent years and we’ve seen a lot of crossover between both. In the last couple of years the smart phone has changed a number of things and driving is in no way excluded. In fact, there are a number of great apps for your iPhone that make driving a better, more pleasurable or lower costing experience.

1. Carticipate

Carticipate iPhone AppThis app is essentially a car pooling app that allows people to meet fellow poolers who are willing to give them a lift. People use the app’s GPS abilities to find pick up points if looking for a lift, or passengers if driving. The network is also a social network that can link those with environmental interests via social media.

2. TripAlyzer

TripAlyizer iPhone AppWe’d all like to have some sort of on board analysis tool to show us how we’re driving – however these systems can cost hundreds of dollars to install. TripAlyszer is a solution and costs just a few dollars. The app uses the iPhone’s GPS and analyses driving habits through triangulation. It will show you how to cut CO2 emissions, reminds you of service intervals and also lets you know the size of your carbon footprint.

3. NRIX Traffic

INRIX Traffic iPhone AppTraffic jams are one of the worst parts of having to travel and this GPS system is one of the most complex traffic planning options out there. The app comes with a variety of amazing additions and can show you everything from incidents, to comparative traffic. It even makes predictions for the amount of traffic within a 15 minute interval period during which you travel. The app has a solid user base and community and is also very easy to use.

4. GoPoint App

GoPoint iPhone AppDo you really want to get inside the brain of your car; well the free GoPoint App can help. The app works with the GoPoint cable to give you all the diagnostic information that comes from your car. It’s the same diagnostics system the mechanic who services your car uses and is available in real time. You simply plug the cable into the On Board Diagnostics port – all cars after 1995 have one. The app is very useful when it comes to verifying problems and if you’re even slightly handy with a wrench may save you on garage fees.

5. Izzi Rent Car Rental

IzziRent Car Rental iPhone AppAre you a regular traveller and need a car, then the Izzi rent car rental app can be a great addition. The app offers you prices, deals and other information on the best car leasing deals in and around the are you are flying to – worth checking out.

6. Dynolicious

Dynolicious Classic iPhone AppThis performance monitoring app is something similar to a radar gun and allows you to measure metrics such as quarter of a mile times, horsepower, g-forces and a range of other interesting figures. It uses the iPhone’s accelerometers and then translates it into real time data. It’s a great app for those with a need for speed and works on all the iPhone and iPad family.

These apps are a great mixture of the fun, fruitful and fast programs available to make your car more exciting, cheaper and useful.

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