Find Your Misplaced Phone With Whistle Phone Finder

Whistle Phone Finder Android App

Have you ever imagined your mobile phone understands a whistle and responds to that?
Have you ever imagined a whistle can find your misplaced phone?

Not even imagined?

Just Whistle and Find Your PhoneSo no need to imagine now, just whistle and your phone will guide you its location with a corresponding preset music.

It’s not a joke. Now you can find your misplaced phone with Whistle Phone Finder, a free Android app.

Whistle Phone Finder is an Android app which helps you to find a misplaced or hidden phone. Developers (Nine Hertz) of this app have implemented unique algorithm to detect whistle. It is an amazing app which identifies whistle sound and responds to it with a sound notification which leads you to find the place from where sound produces.

The app has been nourished with various fascinated features. The features are described below.

Whistle Phone Finder Android AppUser Interface with attractive themes: The app has an attractive default theme. You can also choose a theme out of six built-in Eye catchy themes which gives outstanding look to your app.

Free: This app is completely free on Google Play Store. You can directly download this app from there.

Movable: you can store the app in phone storage or you can move it to SD card.

Flash light: This is an additional feature in this app which helps you to operate the flash light of your phone.

Sound selection: The app has a default sound track. You can set another tone either from built-in sound with app or from your phone’s media playlist.

Less power consumption: The app is developed such that it does not consumes more power despite of running in background.

Adjust Sensitivity: This is the main feature where you can adjust sensitivity of app to detect whistle sound. According to your need it can be set to Low, Medium or High.

Silent mode: Anotheramazing feature of this app. Let you misplace your phone and the phone is in silent mode, you whistle and your phone will respond to it perfectly well.

Hide Notifications: You can hide notifications from notification bar by swiping it to right or left.

Help: Tapping on Help button displays you the procedure on how to operate the app.

Tutorial: Tapping on Tutorial button redirects you to YouTube video demonstration of the app.

This App is designed & developed by Nine Hertz and they have recently released new version of the app Whistle Phone Finder 1.9 with some bug fixes and improvements in sensitivity. Developers are also working on adding more features to this app like telling date & time on whistling, clapping features which will lead you to have fun.

To download this app click on the link: Google Play Store.

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