13 Android Apps to Protect Your Privacy

AVG Mobile Antivirus Security PRO

AVG Mobile Antivirus Security PROPrivacy is something that is very important in this era. With plenty number of applications and software being introduced for the betterment, simultaneously there are hackers and software to enter to your privacy and get out all your private details, and use for a wrong cause. A simple example is a smart phone. Almost all details of a person would be available through a smartphone and people have started finding ways to secure their privacy details.

Android users have come up with certain apps in privacy that would control the amount of information that the phone sends out or even block sensitive information. Plenty number of Android privacy Apps are introduced that could be installed to the devices.  Most of the security companies, while developing antiviral programs, offer this service of downloading the special apps to block the privacy settings. Having a good Android Firewall app could be useful at times, with regard to securing your privacy. Some of the Android apps to safeguard your privacy are listed here for a better understanding. Most of them are available for free and could be installed easily.

  1. Lookout Security and Antivirus – This antivirus app provides certain features like a backup or firewall and scans every other app that you have on your device. In case on anything found wrong, it would alert you immediately.
  2. Norton Security Antivirus – this is an unexceptional device that has been for long and the security programs they provide are of all high quality.
  3. Webroot Security and Antivirus – The ability to block numbers and scan WebPages along with apps, are also a way of securing your smartphone.
  4. NQ Mobile Security and Antivirus – In order to keep your smart phones safe, this antivirus is a must have app as it is a well-designed android privacy advisor.
  5. McAfee Antivirus & Security – This security app provides a host of protection features for its android users which includes remote wipe and backup. In the security software field, this is a well-known name.
  6. Bitdefender Clueful privacy Advisor – For any kind of privacy issues, this app is the best recommended and works best on your device.
  7. TrustGo Antivirus and Mobile Security – One among the most powerful Android Security apps is TrustGo. Since it scans all the apps installed in your device, it ensures a very high level of security.
  8. AVG Mobile Antivirus Security PRO – This is the only paid service and it offers a fairly good advisor on the security and enhances the security of android users.
  9. Privacy Master Free App lock – A good app blocker is required to resist sensitive information that pass through emails, gallery or other similar ones. This app sets a PIN for accessing them, thereby increasing the privacy.
  10. Applock Master – Since this app asks for a Pin to unlock when being accessed, all information’s stored in the phone are safe. This app helps in choosing a Pin for the device.
  11. Applock – With a few taps, you could lock the apps through a PIN or a pattern and thus maintains a lock to all other app.
  12. Smart App Lock – Any important other information could be sealed off with this app and in case they need to unlock, by using a PIN or a pattern password, users could unlock it.
  13. LBE Privacy Guard – It is also a good app to be considered, even though it did face some issues lately.

By installing any of these apps, you could make your device secure and thus your private information’s will be safe and secure.

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