4 Free Android Apps For Your Kid’s Smartphone

iStory Books Android App

While smartphones are the trademark of busy corporate executives who always talk on their phone while walking on the street and fumble with it when having lunch, the kids of today aren’t to be left out on the entire smartphone revolution. If you’re one of the millions of parents who begrudgingly gave their little one’s an expensive smartphone, here are some apps which you can install on your child’s phone to ensure that it has an academic value:

1. AniWorld Lite

AniWorld Lite Android AppThis application is perfect for kids who are aged 1 to 5, and while no parent in his or her right mind would dole out a pricey smartphone to a kid who’s barely old enough to attend grade school, having this app on your own smartphone will ensure that your kid won’t be bored during long travels or when you’re stuck in traffic. The app allows kids to learn about animals, and even pets them. Another good thing about this app, you can let your kid interact with pets without actually getting one.

2. Homework

HomeWork Android AppSure, no kid likes to do homework but if they ask for a smartphone, then that gives you enough leeway to make sure that they do their homework promptly in return for the gadget. And what better way to make sure that they’re doing all that than by installing this app. It’s possible for you schedule homework and lesson, as well as set reminders so that they could be able to study much efficiently. Best of all, it’s free.

3. Famigo Sandbox

Famigo Sandbox Android AppWe all are aware about the horrors of the Internet, especially when it comes to our kids, and because smartphones are now connected to the cyberspace, that’s one more gadget we have to keep are eyes peeled about. If you’re very particular with the browsing habits of your kids when using their smartphones, the Famigo Sandbox app will allow you to control the things that they can access using their phones. The app allows parents to block certain apps and even purchases via applications.

4. iStory Books

iStory Books Android AppWho says you cannot get your kids to read anymore just because they’re extremely reliant on gadgets which are filled with games? This application is loaded with books that come with pictures and even voice-overs, handy for when you want to teach your child another language since it also supports alternative languages. There are 11 free books when you first purchase the app with new ones being added every week.

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