5 Brain Challenging Apps for the school going children

Make Your School Going Child a Hardcore Critical Thinker

Brain Challenging Apps for the school going children

We are no more living in a world where students memorize facts and work super hard. It is 21st century and demands more critical thinking skills that ignite the smarter learning perspective of students. The students are expected to analyze different situations, brain-storm possible results, and present well-reasoned deductions. Hence, it is significant for today’s kid to develop critical thinking using different apps, resources, tools. Therefore, we have collected 5 brain challenging apps to make your school going child a hardcore critical thinker.

Although there are several apps on social media only a few apps are force users to think critically. These apps which promote critical thinking are not clinically critical thinking building apps but rather they are enjoyable programs that require problem-solving, tactics and strategy. The brain challenging apps for the school going children are not a matter of direct instruction but more a matter that provides dynamic tools with unique and playful missions. These apps allow the students to apply the best strategy and get instant feedback. Although none of the apps is included in a learning specific academic content practicing the below brain challenging app over a time can turn your school going child into a hardcore thinker.

1. A Clockwork Brain

The app has several games based on categories such as memory, language, reasoning, attention, and dexterity. This app includes brain-building puzzles which are aimed at improving the cognitive abilities of calculations, logic, reflexes, and language. Your school going child’s critical thinking is strengthened as he or she moves on to more challenging puzzles one after the other. The games in this app are fast-paced that keep the children engaged with its fun and energetic challenges. The children will develop a habit of playing the app daily for brain-training.

Download Clockwork Brain Training App for Android | iOS

2. Brain Jump Pro

Teachers and neuroscientists collaborated to develop an app for the kids to show them that how much our brains can get stronger if it is continuously challenged. This app includes 3 different games with 54 levels of challenges which help in developing memory skills and concentration. Brain jump pro also includes a brain section for kids and parents. This brain science section can be explored by the parents and kids together.

Download Brain Jump Pro App for Android | iOS

3. Brainbean

This app for critical thinking of the school going children challenges the kids through puzzles, memory, and other educational games. The games in this app automatically adapt for matching user’s creative capabilities. It offers the kids a fun challenge for enhancing confidence, improving resourcefulness, test memory and boost critical thinking. As this app is designed in such a way that stretch cognitive and creative skills, thus, keeping the learning style of your child aside, they will be bound to play the puzzle. Playing the games will stimulate your kid’s brain and thereby, the brain challenging app will turn your school going child into a critical thinker.

Download Brainbean App for Android | iOS

4. Winky Think Logic Puzzles

One of the best brain challenging app is Winky think logic puzzles. It includes several games and challenges that provides your child with memory, logic, problem-solving, eye-coordination and other such skills. It has more than 180 puzzles that are leveled according to difficulties and complexity. The kids will develop reasoning skills and logic skills. It is a user-friendly app for children of 6 or less as no reading is required.

Download Winky Think Logic Puzzles App for Android | iOS

5. Guess the Code

Although this app is presented as a game, it is a great app for developing critical thinking in the children. ‘Guess the code’ provides patterns and sequences that the kids have to figure out by looking at them. The app also gives different color combinations and it is up to the user to either decode the patter given and enter the next color.

Download Guess the Code App for Android | iOS

These were all the brain challenging apps that can really turn your child into a critical thinker. So let your school going child use them and develop their logical and critical thinking.

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