8 Best Free Android Apps For Your Pocket Friend

Mr. Number Call Block Android App

Android has become everyone’s favorite due to its versatile Android app store. Think of any utility that you need in your phone and you should be able to find an app for it in the Android Market, and most probably it is going to be free.

Here is the list of some great free Android apps:

1. TIKL-Touch to Talk (PTT)

TiKL Touch Talk Walkie Talkie Android AppThis free app will enable you to turn your Android phone into walkie talkie. You can use push to talk facility between android phones and that too without using minutes or additional hardware. This type of communication is instantaneous on 4G and 3G networks.

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2. Lookout Mobile Security

Lookout Mobile Security Android AppThis app is to protect your phone from spyware, virus and it scans the new apps that you install in your android phone. It also has data backup function and it helps you in locating your phone on a map if you have lost it. It can also activate alarm on your phone.

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3. Handcent SMS

Handcent SMS Android AppIt supercharges texting and provides support for SMS and MMS backup and restore features for all types of messages and group sending options. It helps you customize your looks with SPAM filtering options and themes.

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4. Opera Mini Web Browser

Opera Mini Web Browser Android AppIt is super fast and it adds features like multiple homepage tiled web sites, tabbed browsing, sync bookmarks between desktop and phone and many more.

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5. Ringdroid

Ringdroid Android AppThis app is used for creation and editing of ringtones for android phones. You can start with any track from library or you can record any new ringtone directly in your android phone.

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6. Gasbuddy-Find Cheap Gas

Gasbuddy-Find Cheap Gas Android AppThis is a very useful app for US and Canada citizens. It provides real time, comprehensive gas prices in your area with maps.

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7. eBuddy Messenger

eBuddy Messenger Android AppThis is a comprehensive IM client that allows connecting to multiple Yahoo, Facebook, MSN, Gtalk, ICQ, AIM, MySpace and Hyves accounts all at the same time. All contacts are shown in one list and this app runs in background. Instant messages are sent as data and not as SMS.

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8. Mr. Number Call Block

Mr. Number Call Block Android AppAre you fed up of receiving unwanted calls? This app is the solution of your problem. This app can block calls as well as texts from any number, prefix or area code, all restricted/private calls, white list your contacts and blocks any other number. It can even block known spammers automatically (US only).

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