5 Great Mobile Apps for Writers

iA Writer

iA WriterHere are five apps that writers should use during the course of their day. Even if you are not going to write on a certain day, you can still use these apps to help you. There are not many apps out there that are specifically aimed at writers, but at least two of the apps on this list are, so take note of them if you are looking into being a writer.

1. Evernote

With this app, a writer can make notes that he or she can organize and arrange to suit himself/herself. It is also an app you can use to arrange your photos and record voice memos and videos with. It is an app for the sort of person who sees inspiration for writing all around and needs to make a note of it in the moment.

Apart from being a good place to keep your notes, it is also good for arranging them. We can all type a reminder into the draft section of our SMS section on our phones, but this app allows you to put your notes in an order. It is also good for finding and deleting the notes you have used already.

2. iA Writer

Sometimes you need to write some things down and you only have your phone. This is not a terrible thing, since many people are pretty fast with their phone. But, the programs available on your phone are not really optimized for writing. They are often restrictive and slow, which is why “Writer” was developed. It gives the writer a space so that they may write in a clean and easy to access manner.

This app will work on a tablet, but it is better optimized for a phone. If you are looking to write on your tablet then you should probably find another app. If you are looking to write on mass and on your phone, then this is the app for you.

3. Story Tracker

This is actually an app to help you organize your workload if you are a writer. There are not actually many apps that are aimed just at writers, so this app deserves a mention. It allows you to enter your deadlines for your writing work, and then track your progress. It then lets you see your current and completed work.

You can use this app to see who has paid you, who has not, and who still owes you (though you will have to remember to mark off the ones who have paid). Just be aware that this app is not secured with any internal security, so do not enter any sensitive information into it, and do not enter any bank or money details into it (other than noting how much you should be paid on your projects).

4. Write Chain

This is an app to help to motivate you to write. It works by allowing you to play a little game with yourself. You have to enter how much you wrote on one day, and how you felt about your writing session. The idea is to get you into the habit of writing every day, and to show you how much you did each day.

The goal of the game is to write every day, and not break the chain i.e. not miss a day. Writing down how you feel about what you wrote is a nice way to check your feelings about your writing every day. If you notice that most days say you felt bad about having to write (maybe you didn’t feel up to writing), then maybe it is a sign that writing is not for you.

5. iThoughtsHD

You can create plans for what you are going to write, and create a bit of a structure for the details you are going to add. It is full of tools and functions for brainstorming and visual representation tools.

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