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evernote food app for iOSApple has done a great job in designing the iPhones, iPods and the iPads, but the applications that can be installed on these devices is even more impressive. When it comes to food and recipes, there are thousands of applications available for download from the iTunes App Store. Joining this line is the Evernote Food. Let’s have a look at it here.

The Design And The User Interface

Just like Evernote and Skitch, the Evernote Food has a very simple user interface. It home screen has 6 main menus – My Meals, Restaurants, My Cookbook, Explore Recipes, New meal and Account Info. The menus are pretty much self-explanatory and once you get a hang of it, navigation is fairly easy. A lot of people who have been using Evernote to jot down recipes find Evernote Food to be a great alternative and a comprehensive food app.

Compatibility and Minimum Requirements

The Evernote Food is available as a free app and can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store at

This app is compatible with the latest iPhone 5, and even the iPhone 3GS, and the earlier versions of iPhone 4 and 4S. It is also compatible with iPod touch 4th and 5th generation and of course all of which have iOS 6.0 running and later. The app is also optimized for the iPhone 5 and you will not see the back bezel at the top and the bottom.

Features Available On Evernote Food

The application allows you to find new recipes and save them for future use. You can also share the saved recipes with your friends and family and even discover new restaurants. The app in short is all that you need to ‘experience food’. Here are menus available of Evernote Food

  • My Meals – This option gives you the list of ‘Food Notes’ that you have saved, included those created on previous versions.
  • Restaurants – Gives you a list of all the restaurants that you’ve wanted to try and it also keeps track of the restaurants you’ve been to. You can also access the Food Notes that were created at a particular restaurant.
  • My Cookbook – Here, you get to view all the recipes that you pinned while exploring new recipes. It also give you a list of recipe notes that were created using Evernotes.
  • Explore Recipes – This gives you access to some of the best recipes on the Internet.
  • New Mail – Here, you get to create Food Notes to record some of the best dining experiences. These notes can be accessed anytime you wish.
  • Account Info – The Account Info button allows you to connect your Evernote Food account to Twitter and Facebook. It also allows you to edit, view and manually sync your Food Notes to your Evernote cloud.

The app in short is a great companion for people who love visiting new restaurants and trying new recipes. Since it allows you to share your Food Notes, it is a great way to socialize as well. The simplicity of the interface and functionality makes the app an essential!

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