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Creative Destruction

To show the features that make game apps highly successful, some of the most successful game apps developed by highly successful mobile app development companies have been outlined here with their best features discussed. This will help you figure out the most important features that app development companies include in-game apps.

1. Hollywhoot: Idle Hollywood Parody

Uniqueness is an important feature in any game app. Players are attracted to unique storylines and concepts. One of the reasons this game is so successful is its uniqueness. It offers players opportunity to be a movie director. You will agree that this kind of concept is very rare. The main objective of this game is to direct movies and earn viewers accolades if the movie is great. If not, you will receive harsh criticism.

To heighten the fun, players will get to meet stars like Natasha Stronganoff, James Bean, and Miss Everdeen. Most importantly, the game allows you to fulfill your movie directing fantasy. Apart from its uniqueness, it also offers super-stunning graphics with fantastic sound effects. It also offers several numerous funny in-jokes and movie references. The features will not be complete without mentioning the fact that it is completely free to download but it has some in-app items for sale.

As a player, you will also handle the parodies of some Hollywood blockbusters. If you perform well, you will earn numerous awards just like in real life, otherwise, you will be criticized.

Download Hollywhoot Game App for iOS | Android

2. Creative Destruction

Although the title of this game may be funny, it is very successful. This is a battle game with a slightly unique touch. In the game, players have to survive at all cost. Just like all other battle games, it is very engaging, immersive, and engrossing. It will keep you at the edge of your seat all through the gaming session.

Just like the other game above, it offers both nice sound effects and fantastic visuals. You will have to explore some enchanted locations with different kinds of enemies and your main focus is to survive as long as possible. If shooting enemies gives you pleasure, you will enjoy the game since it gives you the opportunity to kill as many enemies as you can.

You will even get to pass through 100-player death matches in which only one man will be left standing. Your objective is to become the last man standing. It offers unending battles and some of the matches may be timed so you will be fighting against your opponents and time at the same time. The game is also completely free to download even though it has some in-app items that you can buy with real money.

As designed by the mobile app development company that developed the game, it gives players two clear options of either fighting alone or forming alliances to boost their chances of winning.

Download Creative Destruction Game App for iOS | Android

3. Assassin Archer – Modern Day Robin Hood

This is another game that mobile app development companies got right. The game is about showcasing your archery skills. That is why it has been named after Robin Hood the great archer. It also offers really immersive and engaging gameplay. According to some of its players, play it for just a few minutes and you are already hooked.

The objective of every player is to hunt down criminals. How many games offer this kind of task? They will be very few if any. So, it also offers uniqueness. One of the strategies you have to use is to sneak into enemies compounds. The game offers great visuals, fantastic sound effects, and realistic animations. Players have the liberty to upgrade their bows and arrows for more accuracy.

You need to be a one-shot archer otherwise, you won’t make it. So, even if you are a good archer you still need to sharpen your skill because the game requires both accuracy and speed if you intend to get anywhere.

Download Assassin Archer Game App for Android

4. Football Cup Superstars

The most interesting feature of this game is its one touch control. You only need one finger to kick and score and that is what matters most. Since football is one of the most popular sports, it should not come as a surprise that millions of players love the video game. Like all other football games, your objective in this game is to win as many matches as possible.

The video game is as captivating and engrossing as it is in real life. Since only 32 countries usually participate in the World Cup tournament, the game offers 32 teams and you have to select your favorite team among them. The characters are named after both active and retired soccer legends. Just like in real life, each of the players has varying skills, strength, and weakness. So, you need to carefully check their characteristics. Just like how it is done in football tournaments, you will need to play your way to the top of the tournaments.

The most attractive features of the game are its great 3D graphics, highly responsive one-touch control and it’s being free to download. However, there are several in-app items that you can purchase with real money but it is not compulsory since you can enjoy the game without the items.

You can also compete with your friends on the players with the highest number of goals. You have always blamed the coach of your favorite team each time you crash out of a tournament, now it is time for you to compete and let the world see how far you can go.

Download Football Cup Superstars Game App for iOS | Android

When you take a look at the features of the 4 games, it will occur to you that great graphics, unique concept, immersive and engaging gameplay and being free to download are the most important qualities mobile app development companies adapt to make their game apps a huge success. If you intend to build a game app too, you must ensure that you work on all the features. In addition to the qualities discussed, you should also ensure that your app is small in size as game apps that are too large turn off prospective players.

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