7 Best Health Android Apps for 2016

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Life becomes easier with many helpful apps at our disposal working wonders to complete our everyday tasks. Serving as our personal assistant, these health-related apps are out there in the Android marketplace. Like of late, we talked about android quit smoking apps working wonders to those struggling with smoking addiction. Same way, there are several other health and fitness apps for Android, offering a number of enhanced features related to health monitoring. The countless health apps for Android offer suggestions related to our diet, sleeping habits and various other daily habits impacting our health in a significant way. The information related to diet and exercise plans is easily accessed. So here we offer you the best health apps for Android that not only keeps you healthy but are also helpful in monitoring health-related issues.

Best Health Apps for Android List

1. S Health

Mainly designed for Samsung smartphones, this Android health app can also be used by other smartphones that are Android compatible. It serves you as a personal coach, trainer, and assistant so that you can attain our health-related goals. The number of training programs has a good impact on our routine lifestyle so that we can stay healthy for long. Besides, tracking our daily exercise is easier with the use of its built-in Tracker. You get daily food instructions and allow tracking weight at any time. As of now, around 200 million users have downloaded this app.

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2. Google Fit Fitness Tracking

This official health app from Google is highly prominent among the Android user with a rating of 4 on Google Play Store from the users. It allows tracking of activity sans any hassle like walking, running, cycling, etc. The goal is easily set on the basis of steps, time and calorie we burn while it’s compatible with Android 2.3 or higher version. This app was downloaded by around 50 million users.

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3. Fitbit

Enjoying prominence in the list of health apps for Android user, Fitbit allows easy tracking of goals on the basis of steps, distance and calorie we burn. Logging activities such as yoga and workout is no more a task with this app besides you can track the food like how many calories was consumed so you in order to manage weight. Around 50 million users downloaded this app.

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4. Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal

This amazing Android health app is highly useful in losing weight like you just need to download the app and create a profile of your own offering a little information about yourself. Soon you receive a personal diet chart and exercise suggestion helping you lose flab and become active and healthy. As well as it allows diet customization while connects easily with other apps such as Fitbit, Mapmyfitness, etc. Around 50 million users have downloaded this app so far.

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5. 1mg Health App for India

This app is again going wonders in the list of health apps for Android. Mainly designed for Indian users, this app enabled you to find the nearby doctor. All you need is to register on the app so that it can search doctor in various categories along with the address, rating, and fee. You can also look for the medicines at cheap rates in your city. As of now 50 thousand users have downloaded this App.

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6. Tactio Health

This is yet another health app for Android users and using this app you can easy track your weight and how many calorie you have burned. It allows you to easily track the calories you burned along with the daily activities. You get easy-to-use interface and alluring look. This app allows you to track up to 8 users all at once while 5 million users approximately have downloaded this app.

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7. Health Tips in Hindi

Mainly designed keeping in mind the Indian people who are most comfortable with the Hindi language this is one of the best health apps for Android. In this app, you get health tips divided into three different categories as per the disease, body parts, and food items. You enjoy the rating of 4.5 on Google play store. It needs Android 2.3 or higher version and around 50 thousand users have downloaded this app.

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You can easily download these health apps for Android from Play store.

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