6 Useful SEO iOS Apps for iPhone and iPad Devices


The iPhone and iPad always known to have a special appeal among the tech savvy consumers who know the importance of combining technology with work and getting the maximum benefits therein. iPhone and iPad have amazingly special features that make them even more irresistible. Nowadays most consumers are eager to turn their iPhone and iPad from a meager entertainment tool to a medium that will help them in their business as well. Nowadays both iPhone and iPad have various useful SEO applications that can give a fresh life to any website or blog by optimizing the keywords and making it more SEO friendly. So here are the 6 Useful SEO Apps for the iPhone and iPad exclusively for your website:


SEOStats iOS AppThis particular SEO application is absolutely free and audits the data that you receive on your indexed pages. It collects the entire data and then calculates the information according to the popularity of your site. What’s more, you will be getting page rank tracking too through which you will get to know where your site exactly stands in case of rankings.

SEM Calculator:

SEM Calculator iOS AppEven this application costs you nothing. The SEM calculator is best for those with marketing jobs. It helps calculating the data of a particular marketing campaign. It can calculate the number of impressions that you have got in a particular time frame, cost per thousands (CPM), Click through rate and the various other conversion rates too that might be needed for your campaign. Overall, this application is a must have for those who need their iPhone and iPad, and not laptop everywhere.

Raven Tools:

Raven Tools iOS AppYou can get the application free of cost and just need to create a marketing tool account. The raven tools does everything, right from managing your campaigns, checking out the rankings of your page, analyzing the site with Google analytics, looking after link building progress, converting goals and checking the click per page all at a single place. You can even modify the setting there itself.

Google Analytics:

Google Analytics iOS AppIdeally Google Analytics is one of the most popular SEO tools right around the world and the same holds true for the iPhone and iPad users. The application costs absolutely nothing and helps you in receiving real time statistics pertaining to the number of visitors who visit your site every day and more.


Ego iOS AppThis application analysis the visitors of your social media sites and provides their data in a single location. The best part about the app is that it also provides the functions of Google analytics at the same time.

SEO Manager:

SEO Manager iOS AppThis application analysis the keywords and optimize them, give the keyword rankings and even helps in finding different combinations for your SEO so that you are able to optimize your website properly. It does every work related to SEO and is ideal for all iPhone and iPad users.

Most of these applications check the number of visitors visiting your website, ranks your contents, segregate the more popular segment of your blog and even provides you with the tools to know more. If that is not all, these six apps give you each and every detail regarding search engine optimization, with tailor-made tools for your business specifically. These 6 Useful SEO Apps for the iPhone and iPad are absolutely great. Download them and enjoy their contents!

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