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whatsapp chatToday, the youth become hunger of online chat with their friends, close one or their families. Now communication become an essential part of every people who using internet for fulfilling their needs or do business online. It is very cheapest or non-expensive source for making an important talk related with entertainment, office work or aware from worldwide events happening in the world.

When smartphone launched the craze of people towards it is increasing day by day due to its amazing Apps. In this smartphones the most popular OS is ran names as Android. Now, people allowed to purchase or free download the more advanced apps through Android market.

Due to its popularity the new and advanced apps are created day by day to fulfill the demands of the users. Some of the most famous Top 5 Chatting Applications for Android smartphones are:

1. WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the universal messaging platform for the Android users mainly contained smartphones and many other handsets such as Windows, symbian, IOS and BlackBerry. In this platform some of them are free to use and some of them have to pay to use this App. It is famous for its amazing features such as exchange messaging, sharing videos, music, movies over mobile internet. Moreover, the youth are the main reason for the popularity of this App contained group chat, sharing location and many more related to media are easily wonders.

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2. Viber

Viber is another App which is generally used for free calling and messaging to the other people but the condition is that both of them have data connection for talking unlimited. It is generally operate in many platforms such as Windows, Android, Mac, Symbian and BlackBerry.

Its day to day popularity increases due to its updated desktop version which allows you to talk with your PC without using smartphones but once you have to synchronize your smartphone and store all contact to the desktop which help you to chat through desktop. It is gradually challenge the Skype which is also famous for its desktop chatting. It also allow users to group chat and exchange messaging on only iPhones and gradually updated app for other OS.

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3. Line

Line is another app usually operate in Android and iOS phones and now it is also operate on desktop for live chat and Window phones. It is mainly famous for its instant messaging through text exchange application and also use for transfer pictures, audio and also do voice calls in very clear way. It is famous for its colorful text messaging with two eminent options and stickers.

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4. Skype

Skype is popular among the youth very gradually who take interest to talk with face to face and instant messaging to your beloved on it. It is operate in many versions such as Android, IOS and desktop. The main reason people use this app due to its two well-known features such as videoconferencing and file sharing. Many users use Skype application to calls unlimited from Skype to Skype and also allow user to call through mobile or landline but charged through via debit card. In Video conferencing maximum 25 people can talk with each other at same topic at same time.

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5. ZinzzChat

ZinzzChat is newly launched app which allows users to take benefit of voice messaging, sharing pictures, photos and video sharing. Users can run this app on different platform such as Android, IOS, Symbian and window phone over 2G and 3 G network media. You can also share your updated pictures and make comment on the pictures all for free.

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