Research & Analysis On Android Apps Being More Safe & Secure Than iOS

Analysis on iOS vs Android

Analysis on iOS vs AndroidWith the advancement in the technology, people have a variety of options to choose for when it comes to gadgets. The competition of coming up with the best gadget with the most advanced technology in it has never decreased. There are a hundreds of companies coming up with new mobile phones and introducing the world with amazing new ideas to be made a part of gadgets, which would change the definition of an ideal phone. The first thing that people look up to is the type of operating system used in it and without any doubt the most talked about operating systems these days are Apple Inc.’s  –  iOS and Google’s  – Android.

iOS is a mobile operating system, which was designed for the iPhone, iPod and the iPad while Android was prim iOS. iOS are designed for touch screen mobile phones such as tablets computers and Smartphones. Google and apple have always been in competition with each other when it comes to developing mobile apps.

The first main difference between both the companies’ apps is that android uses java-programming language, which is known to all the developers, and it becomes easy to build android apps while Apple uses Objective C language, which is not known to some of the developers to come up with building apps.

The iOS apps are loved by everyone for its unique features and according to a survey conducted it I noticed that the iOS apps are much more preferred than the android apps as the iOS apps are much more advanced when it comes to sending and receiving data’s without encryption, Ad networks and analysis, location tracking, contacts and addresses and calendar. When it comes to all these features the iOS apps are well designed than the android apps.

It is said that android tends to have a problem of malware in it and is considered to be unsafe than iOS. Whenever people look for mobile phones they always make sure that all their data and personal information is safe and secure. With the advancement in technology people now have become more dependent on their phones and tend to store all their important data in the phone.

Thus they make sure that their data is safe and the private data will never be shared in any way. Thus when it comes to safety iOS is safer than that of Android. When it comes to multitasking activities people make sure that their phone is made in such a way which would allow them to perform various tasks and it is said android apps is user friendly and the developers can develop apps for different purposes but when it comes to iOS it gives the developers a good chance to create multitasking apps. The app developers are more reliable and depend more upon iOS apps to come up with new apps.

The most important feature of iOS apps are that it provides its users with iTunes and App store. More than 300000 app are available live in the store and the apple and other developers keep updating new apps for the users to enjoy.

It is not that there are not much of apps in the android market but as compared to that of the apple market it has less up gradation. This is one of the reasons why iOS is loved by everyone for the users have a variety of options to explore when it comes to apps. This way it is believed that the apps in IOS are easier to use because they are made in that way and this way everyone has their own choices when it comes to a good mobile operating system.

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