5 Apps To Leverage For Your Events

Leverage For Your Events

Leverage For Your EventsDon’t you think a major part of population use smartphones these days? Obviously within short span of time, smartphones will overtake PCs as a superior web access device. Do you realise these devices play an inevitable role in entrepreneurs’ life, business and marketing world, meeting corporate ends and what not? Nowadays most of the companies organise events using smartphones and how do you think it happens much productive than traditional days? Here comes the role of Event apps, which on these mobile platforms help out event organisers to stay organised, increase attendee experience, connect horizons, schedule meetings and keep things on the go wherever you are. So do you want to check out the top apps which can manage events efficiently? Come let’s have a look!

1. Twitter

One of the most downloaded social app, something you have to leverage effectively for your event. Twitter hashtag(#) is a short tag that people use in tweets, facilitates conversation to go viral. Even if your audience is not physically present; they can still tweet about the event updates. Tweets, retweets can pick up interaction from your target audience.

2. TimeBridge

TimeBridge is an application that will help you to schedule your event in a quick manner. It will help you to find out the most convenient meeting time for the attendees. You can send an email to find out the most comfortable time for them. You will be able to schedule it accordingly without any delay. This app is compatible with numerous popular applications like Google, Google Calendar, Outlook, Apple iCal etc.

TimeBridge includes a personalised ‘MeetWith.Me’ page that allows the members to share their availability information privately or publicly. There is also a TimeBridge ‘Group’ feature that brings the group together. Another great attraction is the free, unlimited phone conference feature. The ‘meeting time messenger’ feature  will bring together all attendees with an automatic five-minute heads up via SMS, ping late-comers via SMS or email, or let others know you are running late with one click.

3. Pro Party Planner

This app helps you to stay organised and keep track of your pending works. It tracks if your shopping list matches your prescribed budget. It enables you to properly delegate tasks to people. You can even set a timeline for the event in order to get a clear picture of what’s happening next. Pro Party Planner is a must have app if you wish to have your event organised.

4. Evernote

Evernote is a must have for every event planner. It enables them to save all important information and they can hash out their ideas and stay organised throughout the event. They will be able to assign roles and responsibilities to key stakeholders from their account. You will be able to easily to delegate work and keep track of each aspect of the event and who’s working on it. It will save a lot of time and makes your tiring task easier like never before.

5. My Banquet

When you are planning a big event, it’s very necessary to stay careful about minute details. My Banquet is a great app that allows you to prepare a well maintained guest list. You can track who’s sent an RSVP and who’s MIA. You can make a table chart and assign seats, moving people around, and checking out for tables that aren’t quite full. This app even email full reports of your event which helps in effective coordination.

All the event apps mentioned would definitely offer an easy access of information regarding the event, speakers, participants, and timely updating, live discussions and encourages to spread details on social platforms. Nowadays tailored event and conference apps on mobile interface acts on this major scenario boosting up right attendee engagement, sponsors involvement, guest speakers and can make your event a success more than you expect.

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