5 SEO Apps for Android Smartphone Users


Most of the SEO analysts choose Android platforms. You will see almost every SEO analyst working on an Android platform when it comes to mobile devices. However, this is not just random. There is a very strong reason for this trend. Search engine optimization is very useful for any online business. Google knows this and therefore, Android offers some great apps for SEO analysts and webmasters.

With these SEO apps for Android smartphones, you can easily monitor a website’s page rank, analytics and even build up your social media presence. In addition to all this, you can also gather information about current keywords, backlinks and protect yourself from any kind of penalties. The best part is that you can do all this with your Android smartphone and don’t even need to log on to your computer.

Webrank SEO – Free

WebRank SEO Android AppWebrank SEO is also a free app which can be very useful for any SEO analyst. This app is able to analyze your complete website in no time. In other words, it is a complete set of SEO tools which you can carry anywhere with you. You can use Webrank SEO to keep a track of indexed pages, potential penalties, backlinks, Google Pagerank and Alexa Rank. Moreover, this app also has an in-built Sociometer which will track your social media activity. It will provide all necessary information about Google +1s, retweets on Twitter and Facebook likes or shares.

mAnalytics – $1.30

mAnalytics SEO Android AppThis app is actually Google Analytics for an Android device. It provides every function that is offered by Google Analytics. However, you don’t have to log on to a computer. One great thing about this app is that it lets you monitor everything on the go. Moreover, it also logs in a user automatically. Once you have logged in, mAnalytics displays all the accounts and subaccounts in a list form. It has a quick view screen through which you don’t need to go through subaccounts if you have only one website.

SEO SiteRank Lite – Free

SEO - SiteRank Lite Android AppSEO SiteRank Lite comes in two different versions. The free version provides information related to your website’s pagerank and Alexa rank. It also provides information about previously searched websites for your blog or website. Moreover, it shows all this information in your browser itself. The best part is that you don’t need to be connected to the Internet while using this app. The paid version can be downloaded for $8.

SEMTab SEO Pro – $1.99

SEMTab SEO Pro Android AppSEMTab SEO Pro keeps you updated about your website or blog’s strength and presence on different social networks. Moreover, this app also monitors your website’s domain ranking, inbound links, backlinks and search engine marketing strength.

SEO Keyword Checker – Free

SEO Keyword Checker is a free app which lets you examine every strength and weakness of your website. It gives you precise information about keyword density, niche opportunities and missed opportunities. It also tells you about popular keywords and topics for blog posts.

With all these SEO apps for Android smartphones, you can easily keep yourself ahead without even logging on to your computer. All these apps are easy to use and come in very handy.

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