Top 10 Earning Mobile Apps


Most users are oblivious of the fact that they can earn raeal cash and awesome rewards from using certain apps on their Android and iOS devices. Watching trailers, checking out new lines of clothing, grocery shopping and taking photos may turn out to be not just interesting, but rewarding as well. If you are not aware of the mobile apps that can earn you real cash and rewards, you can take a look at the following 10 top earning mobile apps: –

1. Phewtick

Phewtick AppThis is an interesting mobile app that can get you paid just for meeting people. All you need to do is to get this application on your Smartphone, meet up with people, scan QR codes and voila! As simple as that and you get to earn points that you can either cash out, or donate to Red Cross or Unicef. Whether it’s for self-gain or leisure, meeting new people will prove to be worthwhile with this mobile app.

Platform: iOS | Android

2. ESPN Streak For The Cash

ESPN Streak for the Cash AppIf you believe that you know your sports teams or players well, you can stand a chance of winning up to $50,000. What you need to do is to name your predications for each game that the sports teams or players get to play. You can make it even tougher by making the call for up to 10 different players or teams and maintain your streak. If you will have the longest winning streak for a player or a team, then you will be the undisputed winner of the monthly grand prize, and smile all the way the bank.

Platform: iOS | Android

3. Shopkick

shopkick AppThis is an application that you should try if you are a self-proclaimed shopaholic. If you do love bargains and trends, you can stand a chance to win “kicks” simply by being yourself with Shopkick. What you need to do is to look for participating shopping places that permit shoppers to earn kicks with every purchase or walk-in. this will enable you to redeem rewards with the kicks. You can use your kicks to unlock products and gift cards that you can redeem.

Platform: iOS | Android

4. Gigwalk

Gigwalk AppIf you usually have lots of free time, you can opt to be a Gigwalker. This means that clients can ask you to run special assignments for them at a preset price. they can ask you to take photos of places of their choice, look into new products or bistro, hand out fliers or become an anonymous shopper. In short, you will be your client’s eyes and ears just being at the right place, and the right time. If you complete the assigned tasks, you can earn up to $10 to $15 per hour.

Platform: iOS


GymPact AppBesides helping you stay physically fit, this app gives you a chance to be financially fit. What you are required to do is to workout for at least 30 minutes in the gym. You must follow your exercise regime, keep healthy and fit. You will get to earn $0.50 to $0.75 per workout. Failure to attend your workout session, you will be expected to pay. This means that those who do not get to the gym for the workouts usually pay those who religiously follow their workouts.

Platform: iOS

6. IconZoomer

Iconzoomer AppThis app is pretty similar to Gigwalk in the sense that you will be asked to take assignments. You can be asked to take photos of your lunch, your drink or any other items that the client wants. You will get to earn a couple of dollars for each snap. You can either earn cash for every completed assignment via PayPal, or you can get free merchandize. You are also provided with the option of donating your earnings to Unicef or charity.

Platform: iOS | Android

7. App Trailers

AppTrailers AppJust by previewing trailers about apps, you can assist app developers to improve their app trailers and earn points. All you have to do is to share honest opinions about what the developers have to do to complete their trailers.

Platform: iOS | Android


EasyShift AppThis app has something in common with Gigwalk and Icon Zoomer. What you will be required to do is to complete simple tasks known as “shifts”. These tasks may involve taking photos, recording product’s prices and offering honest opinions etc. after completing a number of tasks, you will stand a chance to be promoted and you will be in a position to unlock better paying assignments and valuable prices.

Platform: iOS

9. CheckPoints

CheckPoints AppWith this app, you will be able to earn points simply by scanning the items that you buy from shopping malls, cafés or grocery stores. You can then redeem your earned points, and you can earn rewards such as Walmart and gift cards, cool gadgets and games etc.

Platform: iOS | Android

10. Field Agent

Field Agent AppGet ready for some field work with Field Agent and get to earn some cash. You can be assigned some tasks or carry out small missions in your neighborhood. You can be asked to visit your local grocery store, shopping mall or a specific landmark. These tasks or missions have to be completed within specific times in order for payment to be made.

Platform: iOS

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