Determine What Pest Is Bugging You Using These Phone Apps


Hundreds of creatures could be living in your garden, backyard, or even your house; and you probably don’t even know that they exist. In case something crawls by and takes you by surprise, would you be able to identify it? If you can’t, that’s alright. Millions of people can’t tell between a mouse and a rat, a termite and a winged ant, or a skunk and a chipmunk. It’s not your fault. Some people are just better at identifying creatures. However, if you are bothered by annoying pests at home, you can use phone apps to properly identify these animals so that you can carry out proper pest management, preventive and maintenance techniques. Below are some apps and their amazing features that you can use to determine what pests are causing damage to your property.

Pest Apps
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1. Pest Identifier (Free; $2.99 per identified pest)

Can you tell the difference between a German and an American cockroach? The Pest Identifier app, which was developed by Arizona Pest Control, can help you distinguish between the two. It also contains a lot of useful info about a variety of common household pests to help out homeowners in pest identification. When you have a pest problem, finding out what kind of creature is causing an infestation is the most important step primarily because all the control and maintenance measures that you have to take are based on this information. This is why most pest control companies first conduct thorough free inspections since they will propose treatments based on the details that they gather.

Another goal of the Pest Identifier is to assist bug or insect lovers from around the world. This app can help individuals in determining rare insects. So, instead of people going to experts in order for their creatures to be classified, which usually costs around $50, the app can make things easier and cheaper for hobbyists.

The app is very user friendly, with a pest library where you can check out photos of creatures so that you can quickly identify a specific bug. If you cannot find it in the pest library, send a photo and an expert will answer your query within 24 to 48 hours, from Mondays through Fridays only. Every pest identified costs $2.99.

2. Bug and Weed Identifier by Spectracide (Free)

A lot of users find this app both helpful and informative. Use this to browse through a guidebook containing several kinds of common bugs and weeds. You can also take a picture and compare this with the ones that are in the pest/weed library. If you can’t find the thing that you’re looking for, you can email the photo and an expert will identify it for you. This app can also be used to locate the nearest Spectracide retailer in your area. There are also helpful how-to videos for users.

3. Bug Count by OPAL

OPAL or Open Air Laboratories has developed the Bug Count app as a means of helping people identify insects. You can use the app to ascertain if the creatures that you have found are detrimental or not. Once you discover that these are damaging pests, you can then employ proper pest control measures. Most of the time, however, this app is used by bug enthusiasts who want to contribute to learning. They can submit photos of insects, specifically those that are included in the Species Quest list, to assist OPAL scientists.

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