Camera+ App Helps You Exploit The Power Of Camera On Android


iPhone-camera-appCamera+ is not only the tool to bring various shooting mode within exploiting the power of the camera on a smartphone but also equipped many processing tools to help improve and enhance the quality of the photos were taken.

Most of camera applications on smartphone tend to arm with very popular capture features  (except some camera phones) and those photos were not always achieved highest quality and efficiency.

Camera+ is a free app for Android devices which gives users more useful and handy shooting modes such as continuous shooting mode, anti-shake… as well as a variety of tools to help improve and enhance the quality of photos after taken… help develop the maximum power of the camera which is integrated on the smartphone.

You can download and install the free application here or here (compatible with Android 2.2 or higher)

To use this app, from the interface, you can select “Start” button to begin. Two options below are the advertising options to introduce the other apps.

Camera Plus App 1

Basically, Camera+ acts similar like most of camera application on the smartphone that we have. To taking a photo, you just simply click the camera button on the screen.

Camera Plus App 2

But the advantages of Camera+ is equipped various shooting modes. To choose ‘Camera+’ provides shooting mode, you can click on the arrow button at the right angle, the app will offer 5 different shooting modes, including:

  1. Normal: Normal shooting mode.
  2. Shake: Anti-shake shooting mode. This option reduces the blur and increases the sharpness on picture detail when taking pictures in situation you are shaking hands when shooting, especially shooting in low light conditions. To use this mode, press and hold the camera button in a short time, after this process Camera+ will automatically record the vibration of the device to obtain a best configuration for capture.
  3. Timer: Timer mode.
  4. Continuous: Continuous shooting mode. Camera+ lets camera on your smartphone take 3 to 5 pictures continuously. This feature only appears on the modern high-end camera phones.
  5. Sound: Sound shooting mode. However this is not complete by itself.

Process image after capture

Another useful feature of Camera+ is producing effects and color correction to photos after capture which is distinguished with Instagram app created the effects for the image via filters, the image processing functions on Camera+ primarily aimed to help people into improve the quality of images were taken by smartphone.

Note: This function is only available for the photos were taken by Camera+.

To use this function click on the button on the left corner of the interface then choose “Photo” from the dialog box that appears.

Camera Plus App 3

At here, a list of the photos were taken previously by Camera+ will be displayed. If you choose the icon in upper right corner of image, immediately the below part of image will appear include the list of tools for helping you within edit and process image.

The “Basics” section provides some other tools such as crop or rotates the image… While “Advanced” section will offer more advanced tools such as color changer, fulfillment brightness… help improve the quality of the image.

Camera Plus App 4

After complete the options to process image, click “Save” for the result.

Return to the interface to view the photo was taken by Camera+, you can also click on the blue arrow icon in the bottom right to share those pictures on social networks like Facebook, Twitter or via messages.

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