Top 5 Free iPhone Apps for Writers


With the dipping sales of PC’s, it is quite evident that people have resorted to smart phones for their business needs. The apps provided by IOS operating system eases the work of professionals and writers are untouched by the incredibility of iPhones. In a regular scenario, the writers find it difficult to jot down their content on iPhones and without the presence of a suitable iPhone app, it is simply impossible to write the content. However, if the device is connected to a Bluetooth keyboard, it facilitates a hassle free process of writing, but it is not available every time. For the writers who keep travelling, it’s very difficult to maintain a keyboard set with them. Hence, the need of proper iPhone apps arises.

Although a Smartphone app does not aid in writing the content, but it helps in making the process easier. The idea generation and writing samples are some of the integral features of iPhone apps. They help the writer by providing a set of reference material for jotting down the content. The ability to provide the writer with sticky notes is another feature that makes the iPhone apps the best friend of a writer. Some of the portentous iPhone apps that ease the work of the writer are:


iThesaurus iPhone AppThesaurus has been the undetached partner of writers for ages. The service of thesaurus is provided by iPhones through their apps. The pocket thesaurus is a revolution in the writing world. The basic version of this app is free of cost but the advanced version costs some bucks. Although, considering the versatility of this app and its use, the users do not hesitate to pay such amounts for this incredible iPhone app. The coverage of more than 140000 words makes this app extremely useful for the writers. It is certainly the most loved & preferred app for writers of this generation.

Dragon Dictation

Dragon Dictation iPhone App
Dragon dictation is another revolution in the life of writers. It takes the voice notes from the writer and converts them into text notes. This app is known for its accuracy and is very helpful for the writers indeed. Although, the speech of the user should be in a standard accent, otherwise it becomes difficult for the software to detect the sentence. It is a nice tool for jotting down things quickly and effectively.


DraftPad iPhone App
It is certainly a notepad app that is helpful to the user in preparing important notes regarding the content. There are no visual distractions in this app which makes it look very professional. The integration of this app with social media like facebook and twitter makes it very special.


Evernote iPhone App
This is the most popular iPhone apps available in the market. It is known for facilitating an organized environment for the writer. It also works as a notepad where the user can make down his ideas on the move. The database of this app is so strong that it accumulates all the data taken down by the user, and even the pictures.

Office Plus

Office 2 Plus iPhone App
Office Plus app is known for its ability to open or edit the Microsoft office documents. The basic version of this app comes for free but the advanced version costs the user a few bucks. The integration with almost all the important Microsoft office tools like PowerPoint, excel, Word makes it a very special iPhone app for the writers.

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