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HTC ONE - A Complete Review

HTC ONE – A Complete Review (Upgradable to v4.2.2)

HTC ONE Another Flagship Mobile Phone from HTC. The phone has a progressive approach and integrates new functions, what HTC has been working for several years. With the one man dares a risk by going against the trend and built...


5 Best Features & Issues About HTC One

HTC One, the current HTC flagship phone is out in the market and you must be asking yourself is it worth buying? For the electronic consumers and reviewers, they find that the HTC One is probably one of the best...

HTC One Design

Top 5 Reasons To Dump iPhone 5 For HTC One

Apple no longer has a strangle-hold on the Smartphone market. They have given up ground to Android-based phones that offer all the features that people clamor for. Even Apple's upgrade to a larger screen size with the roll out of...