5 Best Features & Issues About HTC One


HTC One, the current HTC flagship phone is out in the market and you must be asking yourself is it worth buying? For the electronic consumers and reviewers, they find that the HTC One is probably one of the best Smartphones invented in the mobile industry. Many find the device to be comparable to the Apple’s iPhone 5 in design and features. On the other side of the line, there are also some issues involving the HTC One that you should know about.

HTC OneFeatures:

Here are 5 of the best features of HTC One that will give you good reasons to have one on your own.

1. Customization Options

One of the features that sets HTC One apart from the other mobile phone is that it is endowed with a lot of customization options for its users. You can stream your favorite contents live on on one screen, remove a thing or a person from the screen when taking pictures, edit photos to create your own stories and many others.

 2. Powerful Camera Features

The software of the HTC One empowers the device’s camera to function with Instagram-like filters which is a built-in feature on the phone itself without needing to download an application to get this camera feature on your device. The images are sharp and clear, giving you a picture perfect photo and videos in high definition that can be viewed on the mobile’s 4.7 inch screen for quality viewing.

3. Body and Build

Another best feature of HTC One is that it offers a sleeker design for a mobile that is protected by a sturdy aluminum case. The phone’s frame tapers to a thin edge and curved back for easy grip. It is lightweight, about 143 grams in weight, and is highly durable. Its plastic trimming is made up of polycarbonate plastic with a great feel.

4. Qualcomm600

HTC One comes with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 processor with a custom built quad core CPU Krait and LPDDR3 RAM which offers a faster performance. It also comes with Adreno GPU 320 and GPGPU Compute APIs that optimizes the phone performance.

5. Tweaked Operating System

HTC One comes with an overhauled operating system with an addition of its own skin that is referred to as “Sense.” This feature is distinct from the common features that are found in most Android phones. It comes with a BlinkFeed feature which allows an HTC One user to create a home screen that showcase their own photos and stories, news feeds from various sources like ESPN and Reuters.


After presenting the best part of HTC One, here are some caveats that are worth noting involving the 5 common issues about HTC One:

1. Wifi Connectivity Issues

HTC One users find it annoying to encounter Wifi connectivity issues. They often experience disconnection problems and most of the time one finds it hard to establish a Wifi connection even when the router is just within close proximity to the phone.

2. Slow Charging

Many users of the mobile device are clamoring about the length of time to charge their HTC One that takes a longer time than any other cell phone device. It appears that connecting the device with a USB to charge will not provide you a fast charging effect which is contrary to what mobile users expect from a high end Smartphone.

3. Limited Storage

The HTC One does not offer an expandable storage. With such a powerful and high end Smartphone empowered with several customization options, there are so many things that you can do with HTC One. It is a disappointment that one cannot further expand the memory storage of the device to accommodate more applications and file storage feature.

4. Location of Power Button

This is considered to be a minor problem with HTC One. HTC mobile devices are usually designed to have the power button located on top but with the design and size of the phone it seems to be awkwardly placed over the top. Many prefer that the power button is placed on the side for better convenience and accessibility.

5. Battery Issues

The HTC One’s battery life is relatively short. This curtails the length of time that one can spend with mobile browsing on the internet. It is a big downside feature for the HTC One that many of its users find to be very disappointing.

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