HTC ONE – A Complete Review (Upgradable to v4.2.2)

HTC ONE - A Complete Review

HTC ONE - A Complete ReviewHTC ONE Another Flagship Mobile Phone from HTC. The phone has a progressive approach and integrates new functions, what HTC has been working for several years. With the one man dares a risk by going against the trend and built a low-resolution camera with large pixels. The focus of the unit was placed on sound, workmanship and design. In this test, read and see everything about your HTC One.

Scope of delivery

Besides manual and warranty documents are included in the new standard headset RC E240. The headphones have a look how she knows otherwise Beats audio products. In the film there are also different sized attachments. Furthermore, the usual: a male-male USB cable, power cord, and a small tool for taking out the microSIM card slide.

The HTC one, both sides, the front and rear, milled from a single block of aluminum and assembled with the Zero-Gap technology. Here, the silicone type resin is used first and then finely cut out. This results in a perfect and seamlessly crafted smartphone from a solid aluminum housing to 99% has no gaps. Despite the metal reception and voice quality are excellent. The antennas, the manufacturer placed anywhere in the body. With two microphones and two dual membranes, you not only get active noise cancellation, but also an unprecedented audio recording quality. On the front side is resistant Corning Gorilla Glass 2. This site is flat and level. The back side, however, is oval. Overall, the HTC one is great in the hand and because of the cold aluminum makes it a sophisticated look.


While Sony Mobile Communications and Samsung Electronics equip their top smartphones with a 5-inch display, then HTC has opted for the handiness: The built-in One Liquid crystal display carries the brand name Super Liquid Crystal Display 3 – short SLCD3 – and will initially be available exclusively from Sharp based. The 4.7-inch diagonal and Full HD resolution. These are 1,920 pixels high x 1,080 pixels in width. A high pixel density of 468ppi is thus produced on an area of this size. A difference of around 340ppi 720p display is clear only on closer inspection.

In terms of black level, contrast, color and brightness and sharpness real time the SLCD3 is currently one of the best displays. Had there been a bit more brightness, it would be the new number 1 and would its predecessor, the SLCD2, which is installed in the OneX OneXL, OneX +, replace. It is enough only for second place The LCD panel and glass are optically laminated. Means that there is no space in between, everything is completely connected. Colors are so rich and the brightness of the display can be calibrated at a low level. Good for looks, and good for the battery. RGB matrix of the display in HTC One Show.


Probably the most risky feature of the HTC one is the 4-megapixel camera on the back, which is specifically referred to as HTC Ultra pixel camera. The focus is on quality and not the resolution that is only critical for printable size. HTC wants to have a naturally bright image with day light, low light and no light. The device can capture up to 300% more light than the 13-megapixel camera in the GT-i9500 Galaxy S4 or E970 OPTIMUS G.

Made possible by its own specially designed for the HTC one called HTC image sensor chip 2 having larger pixels. Posters and billboards are not possible with the HTC one. But for excellent images for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more. Especially in low light we found the results pointed, noise is still present, as with any smartphone. The camera also has an optical image stabilizer that keeps the picture still.


The name HTC Zoe defines a camera mode, and comes from the Greek. It means life and that makes the function too: With HTC Zoe six to seven frames per second can be recorded. The dynamics is allowing small movies or exact moments that you otherwise could not get a single photo. HTC Zoe is thus distinguished moments, rather than just a photo. The result can be seen among others in the gallery application albums: Individual events (grouped by location and date) are alive and not static. From each album a so-called HTC Zoe goes out to do. That’s 30 to 32 seconds long shorts. Here, all content, whether video or images, mixed and played with effects and music. Currently six different styles are available:

HTC Sense TV

For the TV application, which is called HTC Sense TV, first you must enter the postal code and a vendor will be selected. If you do not know who your provider is, then asks for your association or the landlord. Upon completion, the application shows all currently running programs and their duration. In addition to this modern day view, there is also the great remote control that allows for easy channel surfing. For the unique configuration of the TV must be turned off. The HTC one tries repeatedly establish the connection and asks for a continuous success. Only when the question is answered with a yes, the specific manufacturer codes are downloaded to the remote control. The idea is helpful. In most cases, you have the smartphone in your hands and not in front of the TV remote control. As long as the TV is on, the current content and short functions are displayed in the status bar. The volume of the TV can be adjusted with the rocker’s worth noting that on the phone.


The HTC one is a great smartphone. It is progressive and has many strengths: camera, processing, display and audio. There are useful things like a remote control but also funny and creative like HTC Zoe. Overall we very much like the HTC one – for us it’s definitely the best device so far in 2013. There are weaknesses in the area of ​​memory the 32GB you get full quickly with the recordings and music files. So if you want to carry a lot of data with it, for those that one is not primarily suitable. Anyone looking for a powerful smartphone with fast internet and great picture, sound and photo quality, for the HTC one is recommended. The average price is € 649.

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