Is an Apple iPhone 5 best for clumsy hands?

iPhone5 feature

iPhone5 featureIt is probably fair to say that modern smartphones offer users a huge number of advantages in comparison to the more clunky old-fashioned handsets seen in years gone by. Those still using an older model but considering upgrading to one of the many 4g smartphones now on offer will likely have a number of criteria by which to compare them by.

Whether you select one of the many Android handsets available or one of Apple’s offerings such as the iPhone 5 you will likely find you have access to a whole hosts of built in features and apps, as well as many more that are available to download. However, for some people the durability of the device itself will also play its part in the selection process.

The majority of modern  mobiles are sleek and stylish in terms of design, this does of course mean that they are sometimes not as sturdy as the phones of years gone by and, therefore, less able to withstand the knocks and scrapes that users will almost inevitably encounter while using it.

So it raises the question of which of the latest smartphones is most likely to survive should you have a butterfingers moment and allow it to slip from your palm? One option would be to purchase each handset and try for yourself but thankfully someone else has done just that for you.

If you’re a clumsy sort then it seems an Apple iPhone 5 16GB might be the right choice for you, as SquareTrade recently conducted a series of tests on Apple’s latest mobile and the Samsung Galaxy S4 and S3. It subjected the smartphones to a drop from four feet, a 20 second spell underwater while playing YouTube content and a slide across a flat surface.

The first drop caused cracked screens on both Samsung models but just a few scratches to the iPhone 5, while the only damage caused by the submersion was to the audio of the S3. Those unfortunate enough to spill their handset across a smooth surface such as a floor might also find the iPhone suffers the least damage as it skidded for just over two feet, in comparison to the three feet reached by the other two.

It concluded that the break ability rating out of the Apple device to be five out of a maximum of 10, while the Galaxy S4 and S3 scored 7 and 6.5 respectively.

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