The release of Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5Finally Samsung has released it’s most awaited product i.e. Samsung Galaxy S5. After the success of Galaxy S4, Samsung has launched its new product Galaxy S5.

This new launch by Samsung for Samsung Galaxy S5 took place at MWC 2014, with the fifth unpacked conference of Samsung stuffed with the journalists eagerly waiting for what this new Galaxy S5 has to offer.

There is no doubt in the fact that Samsung has always been on the top position for introducing Android and is constantly challenging Apple’s iOS. This Galaxy S5 has been launched with the GS5 monicker but the question arises that if it is the best phone on the earth? Read out and find out what all this new Samsung Galaxy S5 has to offer.

All the big companies for smart phone manufacturers, they are relatively well-established for producing annual cycles now and this means that they can predict very well when they are going to launch their headlining products.

The Design: Samsung Galaxy S5

With the new Galaxy Samsung S5 everybody was hoping that Samsung will break away all the similar styling as that of Galaxy S3 and S4. But unfortunately it did no happen. According to design, you cannot say that Samsung Galaxy S5 is ugly but it is not very different from other Samsung phones.

Also, it is the same tiring story at the front design. If we take out some elements from the predecessor and adding some of the bits to the current note and they are calling it completely new. The metal that surrounds the phone is almost identical to the Note 3, but people must be wondering about something new. I must say the back of the phone is the major change and this change is actually lovely.

They have not made any attempt for making it a shiny or a laughable leather notebook. It is made up of plastic and forms an effective grip within the hands and feels really nice in the hand. While there were some rumors that Samsung is making an edge-to-edge design that will push up the design and will make this handset a real booster in terms of design and power.

Well the overall built of the phone is really awesome but the device is bigger in size as compared to the Galaxy G3 and S4. But this is for sure that Galaxy S5 has a lot to offer than any other Samsung device. The best part is that the device is waterproof. Or in other words we can say that this new Galaxy S5 has come in competition with the large sized Sony Xperia Z1.

Well, we wish all the best to the new product from Samsung and hope that it will enhance the ROI of Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy 5S appearance at the Oscars 2014

Between being laughed at by Nokia for some blurred and corrupt selfies to the epic selfie that was taken up by the Ellen Degeneres with the help of Samsung Galaxy Note 3, this time the Korean Company is going to bring up a rocking storm at the Oscars 2014.

And now, when it has also introduced its first Samsung Galaxy S5 TV ad where the 30-seconder has given its flagship phone for 2014. It is a very simple ad and it gives just 5.1 full HD screen and the built in monitors.

Despite of the fact that the tweet given by Bradley Cooper’s has already created a history, Samsung has already raised in the dollars that it sponsored in the first place. This new phone from Samsung is definitely going to rock the world.

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