How To Improve Your 3G Phone Signal


Our modern society is heavily influenced by smartphones. Therefore a strong, sustained 3G phone signal is fundamental for day to day life. Irrespective of whether you require signal for personal or professional reasons, here are some of the best ways in which you can improve your 3G phone signal. iPhone-signal

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Restart Airplane mode manually

A simple yet effective method of improving your 3G signal is to try manually refreshing your connection. If you switch your hone’s airplane mode off and then on again, your phone will automatically align itself with your closest cell tower, potentially boosting your reception.

Signal Boost Case

You can now purchase a variety of smartphone cases which are designed to strengthen  your 3G phone signal. These cases work by preventing any obstruction to your phone’s antenna, ensuring that your signal is as strong and consistent as possible.

Antenna Boost

Alternatively, you can purchase an antenna booster. These devices can be fitted inside your phone to bolster its signal strentgh. They are attached to your handset’s battery and proceed to reduce the amount of static generated by your phone’s power source. Subsequently this prevents interference occuring whilst your phone is attempting to receive signal. Although it is worth bearing in mind that these devices are intended for older generation phones, some of these devices have been engineered specifically for more up to date phones, such as the Samsung Galaxy.

Open Signal Maps

Open Signal Maps is an app which works alongside your phone’s GPS as well as Google Maps. This innovative app notifies you of the precise location of the mobile mast to which your device is currently connected. You can then alter your location, moving closer to your current mast or towards one which is closer to you. The app contains a signal compass point which informs you of the direction from which your signal is coming, so that you can easily redirect yourself to improve your reception. You can also monitor the precise speed of your connection as well as finding local Wi-Fi public networks.

Home Signal box

Several phone networks and web support companies, including Vodafone and Premier Choice Internet, have released a range of products such as home signal boxes which aim to improve your indoor 3G phone signal. These boxes often connect to your home broadband router in order to improve your reception. For example, Vodafone’s Sure Signal box is designed to substantially boost the 3G signal of up to eight phones within your home or office.

Position yourself near a window

Although this sounds as rudimentary as ‘try turning it off and on again’, it is startling how much your 3G signal can be improved by merely positioning yourself near a window. This is because it is easier for 3G signals to travel through air as opposed to walls. Therefore so placing yourself near a window, or if possible going outside, can significantly improve your 3G signal.

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