iPhone 5c Vs. Moto X


iphone_5c_redDespite the rumors, Motorola’s Moto X turned out to be less high-tech and more focused on user experience. Designed to meet the needs of techies, the Moto X closely matches up with Apple’s iPhone 5c. The two smartphones are comparable in size and weight. When it comes to features, they compete favorably against each other.

moto_xComparable Builds

The Moto X is roughly four percent taller and ten percent wider. Both of the phones are fairly hefty in weight, although the iPhone 5c is slightly heavier. Each smartphone is offered in a variety of colors and are designed out of plastic. The innovative Moto Maker website lets you design your phone with 252 different color combinations. For the iPhone 5c, five different colors are available. You can select from white, blue, red, yellow and green. When it comes to displays, the iPhone 5c lags behind the Moto X. It contains just 72 percent of the screen space that is offered by the Moto X. Luckily, the display area is well-used on the iPhone. Each app can use the entirety of the display while the Moto X loses space to the onscreen navigation bar. Overall, both phones offer the same pixel densities. Although the pixels are not exceptionally sharp, they are fairly standard for smartphones.

Hardware and NFC

The iPhone 5c runs on a dual core A6 processor. It boasts of 1.3 GHz and 4G LTE connections. The Moto X also includes 4G LTE connectivity and a total of 32 GB of storage space. Moto X has 2GB of RAM, which doubles that of the iPhone 5c. Conveniently, the Moto X is outfitted with the Moto Skip. This clip is designed to be tapped against the phone. Equipped with NFC technology, the Moto X automatically unlocks. Individuals who do not have you Moto Skip will still have to use the passcode to unlock the phone.

Camera and Battery Life

The iPhone 5c contains roughly the same image quality as the iPhone 5. Although the Moto X actually contains a higher amount of pixels, the shots are not any improved by it. The Moto X camera app can be started by twisting your wrist. For battery life, the iPhone 5 will find it difficult to keep up with the Moto X. Motorola’s Moto X states that their phone lasts for up to 24 hours. For software, the Moto X runs on Android. With the iPhone 5c, users get the latest iOS7 and the new Control Center.


The Moto X is priced at $599 contract-free or $199 with a 2-year commitment while iPhone 5c can be purchased for $549 unlocked or $99 with contract. You are saving $449 on iPhone 5c vs. just $300 saving on the Moto X. Obviously the iPhone 5c is a much better deal and you can click here for promo code that will lower the final price to $0. There are tons free smartphones being offered by carriers but nothing beats a brand new iPhone 5c free out of pocket.


If you are concerned about looks, the Moto X comes in a much wider array of colors. It contains the Active Display for easy notifications and an impressive battery life. With the iPhone 5c, users get the same type of iPhone experience they are accustomed to. The main new featured offered by the Apple’s iPhone 5c are the new colors and improved iOS7. Other than that, the smartphone is fairly typical of Apple’s lineup.

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