MIUI v/s CyanoGenMod – A Custom ROM Comparison

MIUI vs CyanoGenModMIUI vs CyanoGenMod

When making a decision to modify software on your device, many factors come in front. Your Android device is full functions so it may help to think in a more way as you consider modifying the your device from its stock installation. This feature brings you some of the key points to distinguish between the two software.

Xiaomi claims to have the MIUI OS that is customizable to redefine Android to a whole new level. While on the other hand, CyanoGenMod is an open source OS for all smartphones and tablets based on the Android platform.

There has been witnessed a choice of preference between two custom ROMs, CyanoGenMod and MIUI as users want to know which is better between the two. Here we tell you how these two are different.


CyanoGenMod is developed as free and is a open source based on official release of Android by Google with the original and third-party code.

CyanoGenMod consists of 4 parallel and major versions CyanoGenMod 10(Android 4.1), 10.1 (Android 4.2), 10.2 (Android 4.3) and 11 (Android 4.4). The variants of the firmware are categorised into categories like Stable, Release candidate, M series and Nightlies.

Here are some of the reasons that encourage you to use CyanoGenMod:

  1. It is secure.
  2. Light footprint
  3. Bloat free
  4. Customizable
  5. Open

Features supported by CyanoGenMod comprises of native theming support, FLAC audio codec support, support for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and USB tethering and other performance enhancements as well as interface enhancements.

It does not contain any spyware and bloatware while is supposed to increase performance when compared with official firmware releases.


The MIUI v5 OS is a custom Read Only Memory (ROM) launched by Xiaomi. If you have been an iOS user, then you can find similarity between UI of MIUI and iOS’s UI. It enables you to pin such messages that you must be hoping to stick them on top of a lot. This OS enables you to pin important texts so they will be the first one to see when you access the Messaging app.

MIUI gives some of the amazing features that you can find in all Android versions. MIUI has taken the Android community apart. It presents a heavily modified UI that users compare it with the Apple iOS. The UI bears a resemblance with Samsung’s TouchWiz UI.

MIUI has a built in messaging app MiTalk where free messages can be send to another Wi-Fi, 3G or GPRS. It supports English and Chinese. It supports voice messaging, pictures and location share. It is available on platforms like Android, Windows Phone and Windows 8.

Overall Comparison

These two custom ROMs comes with different features, graphics and themes. They can be compared upon theme, stability and resource consumption.

  1. MIUI is lighter than CyanoGenMod so MIUI has better compatibility on low-end phones.
  1. The individuals personalizing their phones on a greater level should go for MIUI. MIUI enables every component of the UI to be themed.
  1. CyanoGenMod seems to be more stable over MIUI. A single MIUI has not been found that is completely bugged free and stable.

Final Thought

CyanoGenMod is suited for hard-core tech-savvy. While CyanoGenMod comes with little weird functionalities which a normal user might fail to understand.

MIUI has more advantages for the user to the CyanoGenMod and it needs to ease the system for bringing everything to normal view.

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