More Media Than You Can Handle On The HTC Incredible S

HTC Incredible S Black

HTC Incredible S BlackThe HTC Incredible S really is an incredible mobile phone. With great call clarity, the ability to connect with friends and family over social networking pages as well as text messaging, and the high-resolution screen that makes surfing the internet and playing with apps super easy on the eyes, what more could you ask for in a smartphone? Well, the HTC Incredible S happens to have a lot more to offer.

The HTC Incredible S comes pre-loaded with plenty of entertaining media features that everyone can take advantage of and enjoy. Whether you are new to smartphone media technology or you are a seasoned pro when it comes to navigating and using smartphones every day, the HTC Incredible S will have you hooked in no time, thanks to its many built-in features that are ready as soon as you take it out of the box.

Connecting the HTC Incredible S to Your Television

One of the truly unique features built into the HTC Incredible S is the ability to connect what is going on in your smartphone to your television screen. Whether you have a DLNA-enabled television or you use a dongle to make it into one, you can open up the Connected Media app on the HTC Incredible S and get to work wowing your friends and family members. You can pretty much play any content that is on your phone and have it automatically projected onto your big screen. So, for instance, if you took a really amazing video on your HTC Incredible S that you want to see in its full glory on a much larger screen, you can do so easily with a few clicks through the Connected Media app.

Playing and Enjoying Video Content on the HTC Incredible S

If you spend hours on your smartphone watching video content, you will definitely enjoy using the HTC Incredible S’s video capabilities. The large touchscreen allows you to view HD content that streams flawlessly through the device. This smartphone supports MP4, WMV, 3gp, and M4V file types, with AVI files sometimes not working properly.

Music for the Music Lovers on the HTC Incredible S

If you are a huge music fan and need your favourite artists and songs wherever you go, the HTC Incredible S will be able to come to your rescue. The built-in music player allows you to download all of your favourite albums and individual tracks onto the device for easy playback whenever you desire. It comes with 1.1 GB of storage, along with a microSD card that adds another 8 GB of space, so you can definitely load plenty of your favourite songs onto the HTC Incredible S, but you should still keep an eye on your storage capacity.

You can control the audio output somewhat by using the equalizer when you are using headphones or adding SRS enhancement effects to make the sound really come alive. When not using the music player, you can opt instead to use your headphones to listen to the built-in FM radio.

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