11 Things to Look for Before You Buy a Used Cell Phone


Buy a Used Cell PhoneWith lot of mobile phones available in the market, you can easily buy a mobile phone at an affordable price. However, there are still many people who don’t want to spend a lot of money on mobile phones. As a result, they buy used mobile phones at much lower prices. While buying used mobile phones, there are certain factors you should consider. In this article, we will tell you about these factors you should look when buying used cell phone.

1. Compatibility – GSM or CDMA:

Different types of cell phones are activated by different wireless carriers. You should check your carrier service if the mobile phone would be compatible with GSM or CDMA. A GSM phone model uses a SIM card. On the other hand, a CDMA model can be activated by an Electronic Serial Number (ESN). You should pick a cell phone which is compatible with your carrier service.

2. Check if the Phone is Unlocked:

Some mobile phones are locked by a particular service provider for a specific period of time. During this period, a subscriber can only use this specific service. It is not possible to switch from one service to another. On the other hand, an unlocked phone can be used with whichever service you prefer. You will not face any restrictions while using a service of your choice.

3. Network Coverage:

Before buying a used mobile phone, check its network coverage in your geographical location. There are many models which are not compatible with certain wireless carriers in a location. You should buy a phone which provides good coverage in the area where you reside.

4. Check for Damages:

Mobile phones are not very tough or sturdy. They can be easily damaged. They are also subjected to easy wear and tear. While buying a used cell phone, check it properly for any sort of damages. Once you have examined the phone, only then you should decide its worth.

5. Test the Keypad:

Keypad is an essential component of a mobile phone. It is used to carry out almost every function performed by a mobile phone. Therefore, you should test every key before buying a used mobile phone. You should make sure that none of the keys are faulty. You should press them several times if you feel the need to do so.

6. Make Sure Battery is Fine:

Most of the used cell phones have dead batteries. Sellers try to sell mobile phones with batteries that don’t function properly. Therefore, it is important to test a battery before buying a used cell phone. If the battery does not show at least a 20% charge, ask for a different battery with the phone. You can also ask for a short-term warranty on the battery so that you can test it at home.

7. Sound Reception through Speakers and Earphones:

Before buying a used cell phone, always make a call to someone so that you know about the quality of sound reception. You should also ask someone to make a call to the phone, so that you can know about the incoming call quality as well. It is also important to plug in earphones and listen to the sound quality of the music player or radio.

8. Ask for Accessories:

Mobile phones come with a lot of accessories. Even used cell phones come with accessories which are available with the model. Always ask for accessories like an additional battery, charger and earphones and so on. You should remember to test them too.

9. Check All the Documents:

You should always ask for original documents from the seller. You should ensure that the seller also gives you a bill which he got at the time of purchase. This will make you sure that the phone is not fake or stolen.

10. Price:

While buying used cell phones, it is important to bargain and ask for discounts. Moreover, it is worth asking yourself if the mobile you are buying is worth the price you are paying for it.

11. Warranty Period:

Try to buy a used cell phone which is still covered by manufacturer’s warranty period. Although such a phone is hard to find, you should still make some efforts to look for it. Manufacturer’s warranty will make sure that you don’t have to pay for any problems that may arise.

These were only some of the factors you should consider while buying used cell phones. Always make sure that the mobile phone you pick provides good value for money.

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