5 Tips & Tricks to Give Android a Performance Boost

Enable Power Saving Mode

You must have heard some people uttering words like “It’s just a month and my phone is not working as good as it was when I bought it.” A general cause of this statement could be carelessness. If you own an Android phone and have observed degradation in its performance, then don’t worry, here is the solution with some tips and facts that can help you.

The year 2014 has come up with advance and better technology. One of the leading IT Company, Google has dramatically improved his serviceswith years of optimizations and processors. Its mobile operating system, Android has become a complete new story from the time it was released.

Struggles while opening apps, crashes, reboots and freezes can be extremely frustrating to the users. But, with the user-friendly, flexibility and open nature of Android, you can make some simple tweaks to avoid frustrations caused by such slow and clunky phone.

Here are some of the simple and most effective tips and tricks that can be followed to boost a device’s performance:

1. Know Some Facts and Don’t Overload Your Android

Don't Overload Your AndroidYou should know some facts about your phone including its capabilities and drawbacks. Installing resource-hunger apps can overload your device and thus, degrade its performance at your expense. So, be careful while downloading apps.

Since, every mobile application consumes some space in the memory and executes some backend processes, it is very essential to keep your phone free from useless applications. Because overburdening storage or running multiple processes can slower your device’s performance. You should uninstall the apps that are rarely used to increase the processor’s speed.

2. Go for High-speed Memory Card

High-speed Memory CardStorage space of a device plays a crucial role while enhancing its performance. The phones with low-internal memory can also deliver great results with a high capacity memory card. It will not only lend additional capacity to your phone, but will also add to its speed. Various memory cards are available in the market, but the best one are Class 6 an Class 10 cards. You can easily add from 2GB to 32GB storage and boost the execution speed.

3.  Enable Power Saving Mode

Enable Power Saving ModeSmartphones consume a lot to power and when our phone’s battery level plummet, we usually scramble to stretch it and search for a power outlet.

Thanks to Android, as it comes with a Power Saving Mode. This mode helps eke as much amount of time from the dying battery as possible. You just need to turn this mode on and it will automatically throttle the dispensable things down and judiciously utilizes the available power. These dispensable things include phone vibrations, application’s pop ups, haptic feedbacks and many more. It allows phone’s CPU to use little battery. And since, display is the worst offender in this situation, it also reduces the screen’s frame rate and decreases the brightness.

4. Sync When Required

Sync When RequiredAndroid offers a wonderful feature that allows you to synchronize your stuff with Google servers. That way, you can conveniently use you data either for sharing or storing for backup. When sync is on, you will get a notification for every new app update or news or pop ups for every incoming mails. What it does is, it keeps on refreshing at every preset interval, which eats the processor speed and thus, hampers android’s performance.

This Sync feature can be switched off from the Account and Sync settings; you can keep it off for all the programs or some selected programs.

5. Fewer Widgets Will Work Great

Widgets Will Work GreatWidgets facilitate amazing features like weather check, important dates or shortcuts for essential configuration including switching on or off GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Screen Rotation, Mobile Data, etc., on the homescreen. Once widgets are active, they will consume storage space and keep running in the background. Therefore, in order to speed up the system operations, one should keep the number of active widgets to the minimum.

You can also install some Task Manager or Task Killer application from Google Play store or use some lightweight background applications or root your Android phone and further improve phone’s performance.

Wrapping Up:

To enjoy the classy features of Android, it is imperative to prudently use the storage space and its processor. Keep your phone updated and follow the tips and tweaks to help your Android deliver great performance with faster and smoother operations.

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