GPS Trackers for Kids: Parental Control

5 Best GPS Trackers for Kids

GPS Trackers for Kids

The idea of having your kid wearing a GPS seems to strike the right balance between giving them independence and having peace of mind. This way, you can track their movements, discover when they are not where they are supposed to be and even get an SOS if they encounter something bad. The best GPS trackers for kids will usually serve various functions, thereby saving parents the hassle of worrying about the wellbeing of their kids.

5 Best GPS Trackers for Kids

Before you can get your child any GPS tracker for your child, make sure you do the proper research so you can land the best device. You need GPS trackers for kids to be light, tough, easy to use and preferably wearable. What’s more, GPS trackers for kids should be waterproof to avoid damage whenever kids are out playing in the rain. Below are the features you should be looking out for in GPS trackers for kids:

1. Location-Based Alerts

GPS trackers for kids are those that alert you once your child has reached a particular location. For instance, whenever your child safely arrives at school, such GPS trackers will notify you. They do this by pinging your mobile phone whenever your child gets to the preset destination. Such alerts are important as they relieve you of any anxieties, leaving you assured that your kid has arrived safely.

2. Two-Way Calling

Most GPS trackers for kids will allow for two-way voice calls between the child and the parent. For a GPS child tracker, two-way calls are usually allowed for specific contacts, say the mom, dad, a family friend and maybe the grandparents. With these trackers, calling and receiving calls from strangers is blocked. This feature is easy to learn for the kids, and they can soon get nagging with their urge to call you every ten minutes.

3. GPS Tracker Design

Concerning the design, the best kids GPS tracker should be waterproof. This is a crucial feature to look out for, especially for the wearable types of GPS trackers for kids. They need to endure certain conditions, given that kids will be on the playground during their spare time. Prioritize toughness of a GPS tracker for your kid over fanciness, or less it won’t survive the next visit to the water fountain.

4. Compatibility with Smartphone and Web Apps

You can’t always hold your kid’s hand. That’s a fact! With personal GPS trackers that can connect to other devices such as mobile phones, it becomes easy for parents to keep watch of their kids’ movements. For instance, an Android GPS tracker will locate itself using WIFI and satellite networks. It will then communicate the information to your Android smartphone and can, therefore, work anywhere in the world.

5. Comfort

Whenever you are getting your kids GPS tracker, make sure they can walk or ride comfortably while wearing the device. No matter how much feature-packed the GPS tracker gets, it will be of little help to the kid and parent if it’s a pain to wear. Wearable GPS trackers for kids are the best at offering comfort. The micro GPS tracker device is also an excellent option to maintain comfort and privacy as the public hardly identifies them.


It can be frightening to have your child missing. You can avoid such incidents by having your kid always wearing a GPS tracker. This helps you tell their location, especially when they out on a trip or an adventure. Getting a comfortable GPS tracker that integrates well with other devices is an added advantage.

Did we cover the critical aspects of GPS trackers for kids? Share with us important facts about GPS trackers for kids that we could have left out!

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